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12 thoughts on “Ele^^ My next stream 1.10.2022! See you <3 the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. A) don’t give him advice or criticism if that starts fights B) choose an activity if you guys hang out that is like just hanging out

    (Examples: drinking, gaming, a game)

    C) no one is every in the same place mentality but it doesn’t mean you guys can’t get along I feel like you may compare yourself to him based off the fact the only details you included in this post is how you too are so different, so maybe stop comparing and start vibing

  2. I run up to her like a puppy dog and give her a big hug.

    Sometimes I have to help her drop off her bags before then.

    Sometimes I'm super tired and zonked out on the couch

  3. I think its great that shes been helpful and supporting and monstrous that she's expressed wanting a relationship while also sleeping with your best friend and both of them telling you this..

    To me it kind of undoes all of the good will. I think its safe to just go with the gut feeling of “this is not the time to date, I need to address this situation for myself and get better.”

    Ontop of all thats going on.. therapy man. It does wonders. ontop of navigating your unfortunate situation, it might be best for a professional to help you navigate what the two closest to you are doing.

    Its really important that you find healthy ways to cope and as well intentioned as she is this isn't one.

  4. You didn’t marry a woman, you married a man. The person you married no longer exists. If you are no longer happy with the person you are married to, then you need to end the relationship and move on. Good for them for living their own life I guess, but you don’t need to change who you are to accommodate someone else’s changes.

  5. Also, at least when I did egg freezing in Australia (note not even embryo), I had to have my lawyer sign that I would not contact my soon to be ex-husband regarding sperm. I imagine you will need to speak with a lawyer if you choose to use your embryos, as they contain his sperm. The team at SMBC may have resources, BUT, they are a subreddit for women who are actively single mothers by choice, the majority use donor sperm, and not necessarily because they have ‘found themselves that way’ after any sort of relationship breakup involving fertilised embryos. I apologise I don’t know how to put it more delicately.

  6. This feels very close to me. I (29M) am engaged to my fiancé (27F). We've been together through thick and thin, long distance for 3 years, through deployments and 3000 miles apart. We moved in and after a year I asked her to marry me. I've battled with depression during and since my time in the service and I doubted everything I was doing. Like, I love this person but I feel so miserable that obviously she sees this and would never want to be with me. But these are all irrational thoughts in my head. She encouraged me to get help and I did and that's when I knew she was the woman I wanted to be with. I'm in a better state of mind because of it. I don't know if there were any resources your Fiancé sought but if not, I would encourage you to encourage them to seek them out. I was annoyed as hell at even the recommendation of it but I had to come around. There is a stigma, especially with men when it comes to mental health, a stigma I held on for a long time.

    OP, I would talk to him and lay it all out. I'm sure he loves you and wants all the things you want, but he is clouded by his thoughts. I wish you the best.


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