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  1. That’s my take, obviously this rule is extremely important to follow due to its implications, but in most relationships that don’t have that implication this rule is kind of stupid since most relationships kinda function off a one time permanent consent until taken away. At the beginning of my relationship with my gf, i told her “look i’m not asking for consent after we get into the regular motions of intimacy, but if you ever need to tell me no, don’t hesitate and i will stop immediately.” and i’ve upheld my end of that agreement during pregnancies and/or things like UTI when intimacy got uncomfortable.

  2. People find time for the things they find important. You are not important enough for him to spend time on. Thats not saying he doesn't care about you its just he cares about other stuff in his life more. The problem is he shouldn't have gotten into a relationship if he felt his plate was already full. This will happen again and the way he responded was gaslighting which is a big red flag. You deserve better.

  3. Can he visit you? Why does he on-line with his mother and not his wife? Did you two ever online together? I think for now you should go back home

  4. Right!?

    I have an anxiety disorder and get triggered by certain things but I've never hit anyone because of that. Anxiety is not a excuse for violence.

    This woman is just abusive.

  5. Forget about them. The last thing you need is to reconnect with Meghan and accidentally something happens. Leave them in the rear view mirror and keep looking forward. Make new friendships if that’s something you are craving.

  6. No matter how old you are you are still their child and if she's going to do this to you she's showing that she is very very toxic you might want to go no contact with your mother for a while for as long as she's willing to be this Petty and horrible I would definitely go with your father at least he's not trying to cut you out of his life because you were still in contact with the other parent. This is absolutely disgustingly toxic and horrible I'm so sorry you have to go through something like this being a part of your father's life and accepting his new wife no matter how that happened is just a part of being the byproduct of those two people.

  7. I was hoping that since this was a post about something other than abuse that this would be a couple who just happen to have a large age gap but didn't meet until they were both well into adulthood.

    But, no, of course she had to be a teenager who was pursued by a predator nearly twice her age.


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