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6 thoughts on “Elifi-Batter online sex chats for YOU!

  1. He wants to experience what? Cheating?

    Bi does not mean a person will cheat. Your husband is using it as an excuse to cheat though.

  2. TLDR You’re treating her badly, and it’s her fault. Because someone else treats her badly.

    Is that what you’ve come up with?

  3. Exactly. Sperm donor, and he doesn't want to have kids because he wants to be your kid. He doesn't need a replacement

  4. I’m surprised the friend agreed to go. If a couple I knew was going on vacation and had it long planned like that, I wouldn’t go.

    Honestly in this case, can you also bring a friend, or let his friend take your place and go on a different trip with your friends?

    Also be clear you feel disrespected here, you weren’t asked, didn’t get to say yes or no and you were looking forward to some quality time together. I get that he wants to hang with his friend, but then that’s a different set of plans to make. Perfectly normal to be angry and uncomfortable and quite frankly not go or make your own alternate plans.


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