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  1. This may not be the best advice, but this is what I would do…..

    I'd text her one last time. Explain that you are concerned and that you want to make sure she's ok (not making it sound as dramatic as I just made it). That you care about her and that if she wants to talk/whatever you'll be there. I'd also mention that you don't want to bother her, so you won't reach out anymore unless she initiates first (obviously stated nicer than that).

    In my mind, if she's talking to everyone but me, I'd be wondering what (if anything) I did wrong. I'd make one last attempt, and then if I got nothing back, cut my losses. I have severe mental health issues as well, and even during bad episodes, you still need to communicate with people.

    I don't know if that's exactly the best advice/thing to do but that's how I'd handle it.

  2. I know, it’s fucking pathetic to be “competing” with a dog for him. But at this point it’s more that I’ve had to take on all of the emotional weight for months on end now. And im starting to fall apart because of it. I literally lost my only other trans relative to suicide and I was still the one supporting him… this whole situation feels impossible because there isn’t even anyone to blame besides the fucking Sun..

  3. So, you've been divorced for 3 years, and she forgot to tell you. Follow everything you can to the T that your lawyer tells you. Keep all the evidence. Depending on what the state allows for, light them both out. Then move on, find either a new gf or wife, and get back to happy. Good luck OP.

  4. Be very very careful. Don’t tell her you’re leaving if possible. Also, stay vigilant. She will attempt to get you back. When you refuse she will resort to other methods. Make sure she can’t find you. BPDs are impulsive and unhinged. While in these “BPD RAGES” they do not think nor care about long term consequences


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