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  1. Once. I'm sure she's posting on r/areyouseeingthisshit

    How many times?

    How many times is he going to find out I'm cheating before he will he have some self respect and dump my ass? Lulz hashtag it's not cheating because he doesn't care and I can do whatever I want because the chump is going to stand by me YOLO

    But seriously. Are you okay? Are you a troll? Are you an active participant in your life or do you let all sorts of people walk over you?

    I'll go with B.

  2. You're not weak …. I stayed in a verbally abusive alcoholic relationship for far too many years because I remember how he started and what it could have been, and sometimes saw glimmers of that during the hot days …. I eventually got to the point that staying together was causing more harm to my kids than helping, because they were being taught this behavior was okay and I absolutely did not want any of my boys to treat their partners the way their dad treated me.

    My life is odd : I have 4 kids with 2 dads, and somehow, after all this time, we all live! together communally, so the kids never have to stress about being around their mom or their dad. We do not share physical relations, and have all (somewhat, it's still a work in progress lol) gotten to a place where we are roommates who all take care of the kids …

    None of this evolution would have happened if I hadn't taken the first step to get away , and for the dads, they both really want to be a part of their kids and kids siblings lives.

    Not saying this dude who has already moved out is gonna be that for you : he has apparently checked out …. Saying this because when you show the world you will stand up for what you need without the abuse, it provides. (hugs) you are loved ?

  3. Welcome to owning a business – letting employees go is the worst. Especially when you're pulling for them to do well, cheering them on and helping them. Im sorry you're dealing with this. And…looks like you know what to do.

    You need to follow your state's employment laws – if this is your first firing, I'd recommend a simple attorney consult before you meet with the employee. Make sure you have your ducks in a row first, especially if you are not in a right to work state. Whether you're in a right to work state or not, do document what has happened. Make sure you've Very. Clearly. Made it clear to this employee that she's close to being let go – this needs to a be 1-2 or a 1-2-3 thing (unless it's an egregious situation). You'll feel better if you handle it this way (speaking from experience). Fire fast – hire slow. Sounds like you need to take some fast action right now – typically these things get worse. Not better. Wish I had better news. It's not uncommon for an employee to start off great – and be great for a number of years. And then start to tank in their performance, have excuses etc. When this happens, I typically meet with the employee and cleary state the specific behavior that occurred, and say, “X happened. This is not typical of you. (step 1 – state the specific behavior). (step 2: Clearly state the impact of the behavior) When you (state behavior) it creates problems with my landlord (Affects our businesses reputation, etc etc). (step 3: Clearly state how it makes you feel or concerns you) This makes me concerned that something in your life is causing you to change behavior – Are You Ok? **Then wait – be silent. No matter what the employee responds with, repeat these three steps until the employee takes responsibility. The goal here is for the employee to take respesibility -true responsibility. After responsibility is taken .. Ask the employee why they began working at your business and if those reason are still true. This opens the discussion if a behavior change can occur or not. If it's a no – then you both can dissolve the employment peacefully. If it's a yes – then outline a very specific steps she needs to take within the next 30 days – to be reviewed in 90 days (sho she needs to keep doing these things over a 90 days period) for her stay employed. It's ok if she has small mess ups during this time – you need to address those fast and clearly – but she does not get to make big mess ups like being late and making excuses like she's been doing. Make clear what fireable offenses are. This is what I'd do.

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  5. Don't go to the match with him. Visit the concert. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the evening. You both have a good time and there's no need for hurt feelings.

  6. So basically you want us to tell you how to be a coward and not be upfront with somebody. And hope that by some small circumstance some girl is going to find you not being upfront with her attractive and want to start dating you after being your friend.

    I'm being harsh because I want you to realize how silly this sounds. If you don't have the courage to ask somebody out then you shouldn't ask them out. This might be huge for a 13 year old boy but you're at 18 man

  7. As a woman, op seems nothing but respectful. Some people have higher libidos, some don't. Some people value sexual things very highly, Some don't. Neither person is wrong or deserves to have their needs go unmet. They're simply incompatible with each other. Let's not demonize someone for having a sex drive, K?

  8. OP,

    What happens between you and you BF should stay between the two of you. If he is actually trying then give him time. Then build upon that. If he starts down sliding then talk with him. If it doesn't get better then make YOUR decision not YOUR FRIENDS.

  9. I don't believe so…

    Too many political differences these days are based in misinformation and propaganda. Regardless of which side of an issue you are on, you will each view each other as “weak-minded” for falling prey to the “other side's” lies. When your partner as a weakminded idiot who can't tell fact from fiction, it's hard to respect them. I'd cut my losses if I were you.


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