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Emily, 19 y.o.


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  1. “what’s a relationship without trust” yet you don’t trust him anyway? idk you should have just looked at that point

  2. I met the love of my life on Bumble. Lol. I'll forever recommend it. 😀 Meeting people organically in this day and age is difficult, i.m.o. If you go to college it might be more manageable, though.

  3. OP where is the update??

    Did you cut ties with Samantha? Did you tell your wife? Are you in love with Samantha?? The possibilities were endless here.

  4. Why does your husband not apologize for slapping you? Because he’s not sorry. He enjoys abusing you. He enjoys running into you with a shopping cart and then yelling at you. He’s not interested in your happiness.

  5. They haven't properly emotionally moved on. Maybe try pushing this not by words alone (which is clearly useless), but by intentionally doing those things he wants you not to do due to lingering feelings.

    At some point he will start to associate them eith you, not her, or perhaps he doesn't want to replace these things in his mind with you?

  6. Are you attempting to resolve problems or do you just expect her to sleep with you no matter how tense things are? If you are trying, and she’s slamming doors in your face, you have a problem.

    But if you are just demanding that she sleep with you when you’ve done nothing to resolve the issue, think again.

  7. Be the change you want to see the world.

    It will be naked. And it will hurt. And it will suck for awhile. But one day in the future you’ll wake up, and realize you’re heading to brunch with your friends and you don’t have this constant weight of unhappiness strung around your neck. And you’ll say, “holy shit, I’m happy.”

    Good luck. You deserve better. You deserve more. Go out there and get it.


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