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  1. I guess it depends on the person. My ex wife and I went through a decade long dry-spell and I stull cared for her and treated her well.

  2. Am I wildly out of step but a see red flags everywhere, in terms of dad why on earth is he going hours upon hours out of his way for GF and then whatever it is that went on.

    But then why is GF willing to let op know something is up so.ething serious but not even a word of what???

    Don't get me wrong gf could be in a lousy position but I don't think its healthy to basically tell op something is up but not what.

    Like now op has zero context to make decisions

  3. Thank you, I am in CA so it’s very accessible to get an abortion. However, I will be going celibate for a while because this honestly has caused so much stress in my life.

  4. This:

    a lot of women get a very high libido after abuse, and sex is a way to gain back control and reassure themselves…but they need constant reassurance…she may benefit from therapy.

    It's not really sex drive; it's a way of attaining and maintaining a sort of oblivion. Like binge-eating, or any other binge behavior. Saw a Fellini film once with an insatiable woman in a wagon who'd take on any male – not for money, but because she “needed” constant sex. Not healthy.

  5. Good question because it is covered with socks. But it looks thin. Could be an old or younger woman's foot


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