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  1. Probably unpopular opinion – a cousins girlfriend in another country isn't “family”, just the semiconcious excuse to feel okay about following the account (as opposed to random flaunt women), which I'd assume is likely for the tiddeez. (Does he follow other cousins girlfriends that don't have similar aesthetics?)

    I think you're hunch is right. If I were him and cared, I'd unfollow the accounts if I knew it upset you, *even if I weren't following the account for lusty reasons. You can talk about it. If it is an actual family member with a regularly maintained relationship, the relationship would exist without following on any social media anyway so I think that's a moot point.

  2. did you mum of three kids also have to juggle work while parenting?

    also where is your niece's mum? can someone else deliver the violin?

  3. You missed part of that story, you mean “your father got me pregnant but because I got pregnant just after he caught me sleeping at another man’s house he assumed the other man was the father and then I blocked him on everything and left town so he didn’t have the choice to see you grow up, but remember kids he’s the bad parent”

  4. Wow ? sounds like aggressive driving was one small indication of a larger scary trend in your experience. I hope you are healing


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