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  1. Good point. There has been trust. We have our location trackers on. We know where we are at all times. All I want to settle down my tummy is an explanation.

  2. What good would it do? As long as you know that you’re the kind of person who did that and you strive to never be that person again, it will do nothing but cause her pain. This is your burden to bear, don’t burden her with it. Unless there’s a chance someone may tell her.

  3. What do you want? I think you need to answer that before continuing. Depending on what you want, I have some suggestions:

    If you want to take a break but hopefully get together later, I think you should say that. Something like, “I know you need space to focus on your mental health. I respect and understand that, but we on-line together and to protect myself and my mental health, I think we should make this a real break. I find the on/off intimacy really confusing and hurtful. Let's protect both of us while you're figuring it out. For me personally, I want to get back together, but I think we both need space to make that decision.”

    If you want to break up permanently and just be friends, I think you should also say that. Something like, “I understand and respect your decision to work on your mental health. However, I would rather treat this as a permanent break and work back to being friends after we have some space to process everything. That makes me feel safest and most grounded in this situation, and I'd appreciate if you respect that.”

    Just as an explanation of your partner, I think in these situations it's very easy to become selfish even if you don't mean to. When you're confused about how you want a relationship to go, it sometimes leads to wild stop/go intimacy that just ends up severely hurting everyone involved.

    Whatever your decision, I think setting some kind of concrete boundary or definition around this is needed. I know it's easier to say “Idk what this is, I'm just doing what feels good!” but it's going to make everyone unhappy in the long run.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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  5. Brother, you got a lot to learn, Here is a great early learning experience. From the sounds of what she's saying theres one of two things. 1 she enjoys a little bit toxicity in her life. There's a handful of women out there that love the drama life, so you could have been too nice of a guy for her thrill levels. This doesn't mean you need to be a dick or change anything about yourself-please don't. Or 2 her last relationship was super toxic and she's just legitimately not ready for a relationship.

    Alot of women are masters of friendly conversation, so you may be feeling spark while texting/messaging because she wanting it to work. but the weirdness you guys felt on the first date should've been the first flag, when you go on a date with the right person everything feels really relaxed.

    Now theres also a 3rd possibility Mr toxic came back into her life and they are getting back together

    Now the real negative you shouldn't of look for her on another platform. When a woman makes a firm stance she doesn't want anymore contact with you out of any condition, You need to leave her alone (unless it's like your wife/fiancée suddenly ghosted you lol)

    But otherwise don't over think short term relationships such as this- also get off tinder- we only used that for hook ups in my day lol.

  6. The shirt may have been ÂŁ3 but its the sentiment from his gf you threw away. I can understand why he was upset but if you only ÂŁ4 in your account why not just tell him and say you will replace it when you had more money?

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  8. Big arguments and name calling are not normal. It’s normal to get a little frustrated with each other but shouting and blaming and name calling is extremely toxic and no child should have to grow up listening to that in the other room. It will permeate into parenting in ways you could never imagine. Couples therapy sounds like your best option. He needs to pull his weight around the house and with the baby though. I see a lot of women say they feel like they’re “nagging” when they’re really just trying to get their partner to online a functional life with them instead of putting the burden of housekeeping on the woman. If he can’t pull his weight around the house things will not change once diapers start getting involved.

  9. Don't open this can of worms, this could ruin the relationship between all of you. I would not be happy to be proposed to on someone else's special day. I would also not be happy if I was proposed to and a family member did the same thing on the same trip. It's their special day, don't steal the thunder. Also, your GF pressuring you to propose is not OK. If you are going to propose, do it if and when you're ready, and when you're absolutely sure this is what you want, not because you're under pressure

  10. People have different preferences in sex.

    Who cares if you got something wrong? Be happy you have someone mature enough to talk to you about it. Some people like being more dominant, some submissive, some like to switch it up.

    You should talk to your bf about sexual likes and dislikes and figure out how to communicate better.

  11. I actually dont know if my dad actually abuse me or if im just being a rebellious kid

    Struggling to understand whether what you went through as a child was abuse or not is not in any way equivalent to lying about abuse. As I'm sure you unfortunately know from your own experiences, which I am so sorry about, lots of people who have been abused question their perceptions and whether it was “really that bad.”

  12. Might have happened this way in the 00’s. Certainly not nowadays but back when there wasn’t as large a fear? I could see it.

  13. You need to explain what caused you to make a seemingly stupid error so that she knows it won't happen again. No excuses. Let us know why you felt that was the move up until after it happened.

    What you can and should do is grow up. Focus on yourself for now. Leave her alone. If she wants to come back and work on things, she will. This is quite literally all on you by the sounds of it so far.

    Reexamine, what caused you to leave her. Fix whatever that issue was that now you're sitting here regretting it.

  14. I guess you missed the part where he rifled through her things and STOLE them. She could actually call the cops on him if she wanted to. He can buy his own damn women’s clothes to do god-knows-what with, but he chose not to do that.

  15. Surely you were lumbering her with anxiety not being able to pay the rent. Any reasonable person would put a place to online over celebrating a birthday

  16. What she did is called stonewalling and if the genders were reversed Reddit would be telling you to get out now, not making vague social anxiety excuses. What’s troubling is you mentioned she does this often and it takes up to three days for her to calm down. Stonewalling is a high predictor of divorce.

    The fact she wouldn’t respond because she wasn’t in the mood is a bullshit excuse.

    When she said after seven (years?) you still don’t understand her, that makes me think some much deeper is going on here. Sounds like your wife is looking for the exit.


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