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  1. No, it is not something said on suicide prevention hotlines. In fact you DON'T give advice on suicide prevention hotlines at all.

    But this is not a suicide prevention hotline. And talking about suicide or feelings of wanting to suicide is not the same as attempting it. Even talking about past attempts is not the same thing. I am very clear (in my thoughts, though not in my writing above) that one should talk about wanting to kill oneself. I guess I didn't make the distinction clearly. I think if the listener is ready to hear you, or you have a safe space to talk about it. But if you make wanting to kill yourself, and/or attempting it based on how people react to you, I feel you are giving other people way too much power over your life. Does this make sense to you? There are always going to be oblivious people in your life, that is the nature of human existence. There will be people that grok you, and those that don't. If you make your pain about others inability to understand you, or want to shame you, or etc etc, I feel it's a waste of your time. We have way too many instances of brilliant people killing themselves because others didn't understand their brilliance. (These are the famous examples, but obviously there are many more unknown people, who were also brilliant, because the other part of human existence is that we each have our own bit to add to this world).

    I'm not sure where you are in your recovery. But I am hopeful that are glimpses of joy in the pain.

    I also hope you take the option of suicide off the table. Not because I think that living is always easy, but because I think even in the mist of the worse crisis, there are sparks of joy. The body is still enjoying life, and there are ways to change those little bit joy into longer and longer and better and better and more stable. I feel like too many suicides haven't realized this, and have missed out on so much that life was meaning to offer them.

    But I think the most important part of all this is radical acceptance.

    I'm not sure what sparked your attempt, but I hope it's being looked at, accepted, and then worked with. You are right, trying not to look at something, or avoid it, will only give it much more power than it deserves.

  2. OP, my heart breaks for you right now. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. First of all, speak to your friends and family and get some support around you. Contact a divorce lawyer and sort out a custody agreement. You deserve to be happy. Your daughter deserves parents who are happy, even if that means not together. If the person who your wife has been cheating with has a partner, I would contact them as well. I would also get an STD test to be sure as well. Good luck OP, you got this.

  3. Currently she is renting as her lease is coming up for renewal. Sounds like she is making a plan for him to fund a new city purchase that she can Co own.

    I don't understand why OP isn't otherwise considering just renting out his house and rent in the city with her. If they ever decide to get married and have a family, they will prefer the house then.

  4. OP….how does this man sound reliable? Yes, most hospital stuff in cities speaks a bit of English at least….but c'mon. You got ill, and the person who speaks German left you by yourself after the first day…he lt his friend's wife insult you, and he clearly sees no issues with her behaviour, else he would have told her to stop, or would have gone no contact by now.

    How could you get over this crap in such a short amount of time?

  5. I don’t think he was wrong to break up with someone if he couldn’t trust them. But ‘hey I’m pregnant with your baby’ and he responds ‘lol nah you’re not’ is completely on him. He could have got a paternity test if he didn’t believe they were his.

  6. YTA

    You are treating her like a commodity and not a partner.

    If you saw her as your partner who has wishes and expectations herself you would discuss the plans for the weekend with her in advance instead of just dumping the information on her when she picks you up.

    And by “discuss” I mean talking openly about it with her being able to contribute and you trying to find a compromise – like “I'd like to go hiking with my friends but I'll be back at your place by 10 pm” or “I'd like to go hiking with my friends next weekend but I'll stay at your place the whole time the weekend after”. You might even try and find activities with your friends your gf could take part in.


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