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  1. lol good luck…he punched a cabinet and acted batshit in front of your kids more than once, and his explanation this time is that he was looking for a fight and you “happened to be there”?

    you need couples therapy asap, better yet start planning an exit. this is a toxic environment for your kids

  2. In a polite way you need to tell her that she needs to address her insecurities and stop projecting them on you. She's getting mad at you for not liking her boobs even though you like her boobs.

    “I can appreciate you have some confidence issues with your breasts but I like them as they are and have made this clear. You are getting mad at me despite me having only tried to help and I will not be held accountable for your insecurities nor will I tolerate this being held against me needlessly”.

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  5. That’s not the solution, to be like “fine then I’m never asking anything.” You should let this one go, water under the bridge. People have a lot going on and this was an easy thing to miss!

  6. I’ve been in your shoes. When I was 19 (almost 27 no) I started dating my best friend, who I’d been desperately in love with since I was 14 (or as much as you can be with puppy love at 14). He was a heroin addict who had relapsed during our relationship and lied about it.

    I am not trying to make one of those dramatic, cheap typical Reddit “dump him” comments. It comes from my heart when I really truly say that you should break up with him.

    You will put him first, but he will always put the drug first. He will lie, steal, put you in danger, etc all for the high, no matter how much he loves you. And I want to emphasize that this doesn’t make him a horrible person: it is literally a symptom of the disease that is addiction. However, he doesn’t need to take you down with him. And he will. And you do absolutely should NOT destroy yourself to save him. You’re way too young for that.

    He needs rehab. Serious, inpatient rehab that has professionals to treat him and help him 1) get into recovery and 2) teach him how to deal with being around different substances without having the urge to use. He can’t just avoid his home state forever, and honestly? He can get to the point where he’ll do whatever he has to even where you all online in order to get fentanyl. Moving to his grandparents’ is clearly avoiding the problem, not treating it.

    He does not seem to have hit the point where he’s really ready to get clean. Saying it isn’t always true intent. You need to walk away and let him figure that out.

  7. Another day, another post about a pathetic useless man-child.

    He’s never going to change because every time you come in the door you pick up after him.

    He knows that he can just block out the “nagging” you send his way, nod his head and promise to change and then things just go back to normal. Happy days for him.

    Do not even think of having kids with this child. You won’t be able to leave them alone with him in case he forgets he has to watch them and they get hurt.

    He’s mentally immature and not a suitable adult partner for you at the moment.

    You need to move out. He needs to adult properly on his own for at least a year before you consider moving back in.

  8. I ended up getting his Snapchat. He said we could talk at some point, but no specified timeframe. Thanks for the reply.

  9. when you improve aspects of your life, especially when you become more physically fit, your relationships change accordingly. in my personal experience, i found that some of my friends had liked me better when they thought they were superior to me. academically, physically — friends can be the biggest haters. i lost 65lbs in a year in college, and people used to ask how i did it and for advice. something i always make sure to tell them is that you need to be prepared for how differently people will treat you and how it will make you feel.

    she is jealous of the progress you have made, full stop. she was comfortable in your old dynamic, but now you're becoming more successful and upsetting the status quo. of course, i don't know either of you, but i think it's unlikely that things will go back to how they were. that comfortable friendship feeling doesn't come back once they start putting you down.

    friendship breakups hurt, but you are going to move forward. you are going to to keep being successful, and you will have friends who support you and love seeing you thrive. feel your feelings and do all the self care, but keep it moving. you got this.


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