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7 thoughts on “ESTEFA online sex chats for YOU!

  1. let’s make this a different example

    I know why you want to do that, and no. Your words in this specific scenario are bigoted and void of compassion. Not to mention your example doesn’t even translate to the issue at hand.

  2. You only have two options. Either tell her you are wlso going to be 90% committed and the other 10% for other girls or just run away and spare yourself the problems.

  3. JFC dude. She respects you so much shes rubbing it in your face.

    This is what happens when a partner cheats and they face no consequences other than being required to say “I love you, it was only sex” etc etc,

    You can be almost guaranteed they've still been getting together.

  4. I didn’t say or imply it’s my husband fault. I was simply explaining that I may be feeling this way because our marriage is this way. And Im trying to figure out how to fix it… But sure, call me an emotional cheater or whatever you want, thanks

  5. Which I guess that’s what I’m frustrated about. I have been patient with him and giving his affection as much as I can that isn’t sexual specifically so he knows that I love him and I support him. As we’ve been living with each other for a year now it’s been we have sex only once a week or once every other week and I guess I’m at the point where beggars can’t be choosers and just be happy with what I get when it happens

  6. I personally don't know very many people who have never cheated on somebody at some point. I have to imagine it's a lot more common than someone who has never cheated. I don't think it should be that big of a deal and certainly doesn't mean she will definitely cheat on you. I think the mature thing for you to do is decide to trust her until she gives you a real reason not to…like if she actually cheats on you.


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