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18 thoughts on “Estefanyrose live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. This is all I could think reading this! Oh man, I better get the wife the Simpsons box set of DVDs for Christmas so I can watch all I want! /s

  2. I had a very close long time friend like that who did the same thing but in a nude tub while i went to the loo. She eventually ended up sleeping with 2 of our other friends boyfriends. Big red flag zero excuse.

  3. Mine did, LOL. I was also 3, but I do vaguely remember the day. It was a big nighttime wedding so I don't blame my parents for not wanting to have to watch over me. I'm pretty sure I was with my cousin, and I worshipped her anyway, so I'm sure I had a good time.

    I do remember thinking they were going to the actual moon after. 🙂

  4. If you want kids and a stable marriage, then you should go

    If you want him fucking other guys or getting fucked then go for it

  5. If my wife forced me to put a screenshot accountability app on my phone and I wasn't allowed to use my computer without supervision I'd probably blow my brains out. A life without personal freedom is a life in chains and a life in chains is worse than death.

  6. Can you really trust her now? Are you sure she blocked him? Now you are gone your friend can come around. Did you confront your friend?

  7. If your cousin was disgusted by her fiancé she would not be with him.

    The fact that she is spouting the same evil crap shows that she believes the same as him.

    I would absolutely cut them all off. There’s nothing you can do about their kids, you have no say in how they bring them up so sadly you’ll lose contact with them too.

    You are judged by the company you keep so you will be ostracised by friends and family if you stay in close contact with your cousin because people will think you agree with their beliefs.

  8. from now, she must show you all their conversations, or you go talk with a divorce attorney.

  9. Saving nudes is dumb. Forgetting you have nudes from a previous relationship saved onto your phone is even dumber.


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