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11 thoughts on “Eveeevian live sex chats for YOU!

  1. I would give it a go, it doesnt sound like one of you fucked up and if hes nice otherwise than give him a chance. Plus him being nervous sounds reasonable to me.

  2. Your edit makes no sense and I'm pretty damn confident you need to do a little bit more introspection to understand the horrible partner you have and how he most probably groomed you.

  3. He seems stressed and it's making the arguments worse. See a marriage therapist to help learn to communicate better together.

  4. The next time he does it, he’s going to pull the damn trigger and you’ll be dead. For what? A man who treats you like shit? A man who mentally and verbally abuses you? A man who points at shotgun at someone’s HEAD? Call the police and leave before he seriously murders you. It’s not a matter of if now, it’s a matter of when will he kill you. Will he wait until you’re asleep? Or will he do it while you’re conscious?

  5. He went on a vacation with a friend of his from out of town and it seems like they had a blast without me. Renting jet skis, going out and drinking, etc. And now, he wants for this friend of his (29M) to move in with us soon. And whenever this friend of his asks him to do anything, he’ll do it without question where when I ask it’s always like pulling teeth.

    You are his beard. Sorry.

  6. Don't burn a bridge over this.

    Just leave her be. She might genuinely be busy and stuff falls through the cracks. I would let things develop at her pace and to just find other friends/outlets.

  7. First – please start taking your medication properly. Second – you say you love your wife very much, but moving and especially kids is a huge compatibility issue. If you're feeling this way now, what happens if / when she gets pregnant? Get out while you still can. Therapy can help you. Therapy will help you. Get out before you have no choice as to what your future holds. You can find love again if you open yourself up to it. You can't 'erase' a kid after it has been born. The only similar thing to do would be to cut bait and run. If you do that asshole move, it's better to cut that bait now before you find yourself in that position. Your mental health will be a detriment to your wife, a kid, and yourself. You need to help yourself before proceeding imo.

  8. He says you need to work things out, but doesn't actually take any steps to work things out.

    You put not being turned on by him anymore to the tittle, but that is obviously just a reaction of him not putting any effort into the relationship.

    You just need to break up harder with him. You don't actually need his consent for breaking up. If nothing else works just pack you stuff and leave. The send one short message to explain why and block him.


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