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  1. I agree with you. And I also think OP needs to be careful, especially if she's in a male-dominated field. For a lot of men in those fields, finding someone on equal footing is rare (simply because there are fewer women who go into them), and you are correct that it can easily lead to attraction for people who value that. If she is unhappy or not mentally stimulated at home, there will undoubtedly be temptation at work from people who specifically value her intellect. IMO, it's a setup for disaster long-term.

    I also don't understand the comment from the guy saying that the level of peace they have at home is from not discussing history and philosophy? I understand politics and religion if there are disagreements, but that wouldn't feel like peace to me. I'd feel really stifled and like something was missing in my own home.

  2. She isn’t embarrassed by it as she’s told me she wants to let everyone know we’re together. I wholeheartedly don’t think that’s what it is. I look a lot older than my age and when people see us we won’t even look too far apart. She’s shared our relationship with coworkers and friends.


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