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  1. Why would you want to be with a man that will throw you to the curb over you not doing chores?

    Dig deep and find that self love and self respect.

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  3. And that's the point, they're not interested in your life unless it benefits them. Marry her, stop listening to them, online your life, not theirs

  4. It sounds like you gave it your best shot. You prepare yourself mentally, but you'll never be 100% ready. Prepare yourself legally, get everything squared away on the down-low, and tell her you're ready to move on. It seems like a lot more than an event that happened 11 years ago.

    The good news is that you can start over, move forward, do somethings for yourself, and you're still young enough to meet someone in the future and fall in love with someone who truly cares for you and gives their everything to you. That is the exciting part, starting over and finding happiness.

  5. You are a hero to stay for the kids. You do not owe anyone a further explanation. Your wife was unfaithful – that's the most detail you should offer.

    Talk to an attorney, have her served (arrange for someone to stay with her for a few days), and you exit.

    Distance yourself from her. Do not text or talk or meet up for 3 weeks. Refer all communications to your attorney.

  6. Again, then no suicide notes should ever be read. Which is a fair stance to take if you feel that way, but it applies to everyone not just OP

  7. Sure, ask him out. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    “Person, would you be up for going out with me? I was thinking we could do [THING] on [DATE] around [TIME]. Does that sound good to you?”

    If he says Yes, Yay! If he says No, o well.

    Good luck OP.

  8. Is he otherwise nice? Does he care about your feelings? Does he make sure your needs are met? Does he make you feel loved, desired, taken care of?

    If yes, then perhaps you should have found a way to fix the sexual incompatibility issue.

    If no, then you lost nothing. Plenty of dicks out there.

  9. Of course, but the comment I replied was talking generally and so I did too

    In this case absolutely its the friend and wifes issue and fault, and there is probably more too it than a 1 off hot shoot

  10. He's showing and telling you exactly who he is.

    He's an abuser and this only gets worse. You have children and need to protect them from him.


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