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6 thoughts on “Fallingdevill on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. I think you should tell him you need to talk, where and when can he meet you. Then tell him that you are serious, you are pregnant, and you are keeping the baby.

    Don’t build up to it. Just rip the bandaid off. Try not to have expectations about how he will take the news. Take responsibility for your part. You both chose to have unprotected sex so your responsibility for the situation you are now in is 50/50.

    Then give him some time to process the news. In a week or two discuss options, as far as co-parenting and support, so you can both take some time to figure out what each of you wants to do, so you can meet somewhere in the middle.

    Congratulations and I wish all 3 of you the best of luck.

  2. So you want to make her miss out on things because of your pride? And you think that's a good thing?

    And you want to force her into situations only you control?

    Those are rather abusive thoughts you need to learn to control. You're about to be single if you don't leave to be a team with your partner.

    She got invited to an event for her school. You couldn't afford to go. So the solution is for both of you to not enjoy it because you'd rather ruin the event than be equals?

    You said yall left for other reasons, but I bet she made up a reason because you seriously showed how little you cared about her or the event and it soured the evening. You're going to be single soon if you keep focusing on yourself and your pride at the expense of people around you.

  3. There seems to be a little of a disconnect here, she stated she has issues living with you and refuses to call what you have a relationship openly. Yet she going to move in with her FWB and do you really think she isn't going to be having sex with him more often than you and that she isn't going to form a stronger bond with him than you? Sounds like you are flying cover for all her activities that don't include you.


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