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4 thoughts on “FER

  1. As someone who has lost a parent and dealt with the process of essentially waiting for the inevitable to happen, I also never wanted to talk about it and someone asking me continuously or begging me to open up to them about it would feel like a lot of pressure. I would also feel smothered and stressed out. He needs to go through this his way, and he will open up about it in his way when he is ready. And that may not be soon. Just being there and knowing you’re there is enough, and the little things matter. He may not notice them all right now but he will, and it will be comforting to him.

  2. Are you in love with him? How is the sex life? Are you happy because it doesn’t sound like it?

    You sound like roommates.

  3. I was raised by an alcoholic mother, and a father who chose not to leave her. I knew what alcoholism was at nine years old. In middle school, I ended up supervising my younger sibling's sleepover party (5+ kids) because my mother had passed out. I had to feed them, find them pillows and blankets, etc. I learned as a young child that I couldn't count on my mother to be there for me. If I had a nightmare or needed help with something, she was impossible to wake up. She went to an award ceremony at my school drunk. The school counselor noticed. Teachers gossiped about it. I'm an adult now, and it will take years of therapy for me to untangle all the ways her alcoholism impacted my life. One really important thing, though, is that alcoholism is a progressive disease. It gets worse. It gets more dangerous. It endangers others. My mom had driven drunk. She's passed out with the stove on. She essentially can't be left alone for more than a few hours because it's not safe. The best thing you can do is remove yourself and your children from this situation. For their sake. As the child of an alcoholic. Please don't do this to your kids.


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