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  2. Big yikes. I don’t think everyday porn is healthy at all. Esp knowing that most porn is manufactured to the point where women suffer the most- whether it’s real women being trafficked and forced to perform or wives at home being abused cuz their husband saw it in porn//replicated what they see in porn and treat their wife bad

  3. Please talk to your therapist about this. You are really insecure. I couldn’t deal with someone who behaved the way you are but you’re young and haven’t had the benefit of a lot of life experience and therapy.

    You’re way out of line here though from a “mature and healthy adult” standpoint.

  4. It starts to get exhausting right now.

    I mentioned this wall paint idea for example and he gave his heads up, but we decided to talk more about it once they day really comes as finding a flat is not easy.

    Well we are currently looking, so these things came up again. It just bucks me. He is carring and I would love the relationship to work and to move to a bigger city… and now he has to start stuff like that

  5. Before my grandma passed and her dementia completely took over she would say some very inappropriate things. In the moment she had no idea what she was saying was hurtful. She'd comment on my sister and cousins weight telling them to eat less at dinner. Unless you know what's going on you'd think they turned from a loving grandma to a heartless person.


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