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15 thoughts on “Follow our OnlyFans! the hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. @shrimpfajita check out my other reply, mostly concerns of the Greek culture at my school and it’s effects on our relationship

  2. You seem like a truly wonderful person and he seems like he loves you very much. I'm not even sure how you came to the conclusion that looking at other people who are going through the same pain as the woman he loves is a fetish. Do you feel that he treats you as an object or that he treat you as a whole person?

  3. you can have any boundary you want. so can he. the tough part is getting someone to stick around and tolerate your boundaries.

  4. Why should you reward him for bad behavior? Cheating and attempted suicide isn't exactly a shining example.

    Once he cheated he ended the relationship. You owe him nothing.

  5. Don’t put it in the baby maker unless you’re ready for a baby with this woman. Hope you both like anal.

  6. For real? This is what you have decided to argue about?

    First it must be nice to have a ring worth enough to both with insuring and second, Yikes.

  7. I'd just see it as porn with extra steps. That doesn't dictate how you see it or how he sees it though. The important thing here, I think, is to determine what you think is alright for you (not what you think SHOULD be alright for you) and that he determines what he thinks is alright for him (not what his friends do so should be alright) and both of you have a conversation about how those limits intersect or what kind of middle ground can be found.

  8. This is tough – but only because of how long you’ve be together. She deliberately cheated, lied about it for years, and concocted a fake rape story. All of which is utterly utterly appalling. The last could have seen someone face criminal sanctions or destroyed relationships. In general I would not continue with someone who cheats and doesn’t disclose – this is so so much worse.

  9. Why does the girl, you've been dating for 2 months and that you are calling 'date', have the spare key to your place?

  10. I appreciate you input. Did you read n7? She enjoys the idea of making him jealous. I don’t know why she feels like this. It really bothers me because it makes me feel like she’s not over him.


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