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  1. He needs to be in therapy. Especially since his behavior is negatively affecting his relationship with you, and he's avoiding it.

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  3. I don't have endometriosis and I would dump any guy that treats me like that (have done plenty times). Your boyfriend is selfish and doesn't care about your pain and discomfort. Never ever tolerate a man to treat you like that and please be aware that men who act like that don't change.

  4. Are you sure mom isn’t taking them to school and leaving them to work out? If her only issue is your stairs.

  5. Actually they had the same first name but my ex went by his middle name. Sadly, I did slip up once or twice. We're all human. My husband slipped up too, all early in our relationship. It happens, no worries!

  6. Good god, have some dignity. Wouldn't literally anything be better than what you're going through right this moment?

  7. Big dicks have little to do with women orgasming. Only 27% of women can orgasm through penetration alone, majority of women orgasm only through clitoral stimulation.

  8. But how do i know if its disrespectful? I dont even know if its normal that he likes other girls despite “loving” me. Feeling attraction is normal i dont think is something he can help but i dont know if its something i should be ok with. Is it normal? Im confused you know i dont know were to draw the line..

  9. Easiest is to ignore her. What she’s saying doesn’t make any sense, even if it’s a common message. As got why you are deemed as selfish, the patriarchy is an easy culprit here.

  10. I’m always shocked/confused by posts like this. You broke up with him because he wouldn’t plan for a “future” but you both actively tried to get pregnant? You broke up 4 days ago and he want NC and you’re suddenly pregnant?

    Honestly it all sounds a little suspect to me. Are you sure you’re pregnant?

  11. You can be attracted to someone but not interested in dating them. Is it possible you’re coming on a little strong or missing earlier signals that someone isn’t feeling it?

  12. I, myself wouldn’t be – because I like to think that I know people can be interested in whatever they like and it doesn’t necessarily mean they worship, agree with, or sympathise with them. Besides, you think other men haven’t lead larger numbers to their death?

    I think you gotta open your mind there champ.

  13. I think he is far more judgmental and backward thinking than you are giving him credit for. He broke up with you because you were not some item waiting on a shelf for him to use.

    I am sorry you are sad. Find a way to enjoy your birthday with people who love YOU.

  14. To be honest, I'm not optimistic that you'll get any change out of him. But it's worth a shot.

    I'm basing that prediction off the common stereotype of how many lazy manchilds there are out there and the likelihood that you're with one. But I don't know him or the specifics of your situation so there's always a chance.

    But you may want to prepare yourself for the possibility that he simply doesn't see a need to lift a finger to do anything differently, ever. And prepare yourself to recognize if/when that quality of his becomes certain, and brace yourself as to what kind of decision you want to make with that knowledge.

    Or, maybe you'll get through and he'll have an epiphany.

    Oh! I have more advice I forgot to mention: Body language, focus, and attention.

    When you have this conversation, look him in the eye, facing him with your entire body, and speak calmly and clearly. No background TV or messing with a phone. “I need your full attention for a few minutes to talk about something. If not right now, can we schedule a time later, like perhaps 6pm tonight?” or something.

    Make sure you have the full attention for this conversation.

    My Aunt and Uncle have a happy marriage but there was one tiny thing he was doing that bothered her, something to do with the radio in the car, I forget the exact details, but the point was she would ask, he would say sure, but then he wouldn't ever actually do it. She'd drop it until it bothered her too much and she'd ask again, and the cycle just kept repeating.

    To break the cycle, she got his full attention and really had that heart-to-heart of “this matters to me” and he finally got the message and actually put effort into adjusting his habits for her. Because after all he loved her and didn't want her to be upset… mostly he just didn't get that 'vibe' that she was actually as upset as she actually was…because she kept dropping it.

    Above all you need to communicate that this is hurting you, not just at the time you're talking about it, but constantly. He either cares about not hurting you or he doesn't. That will show you what type of man he is and his opinion about your relationship and you. But you really gotta drive home the actual problem and that it's bigger than he's treating it. Even though the original problem itself is (relatively) small, the dismissal of the problem is the new problem that's the big problem.

    (And don't forget, you're a team vs the problem. Not you vs him. But he has to show he's joining that team.)

  15. No no, I agree with you, everyone should be open and upfront about herpes and avoid sexual contact during an outbreak. I just don't understand why the location matters so much.


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