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  1. I was once in a relationship with a man that I was positive was the love of my life. We dated over a year, and it was tumultuous, and I now know he love bombed me, but I was crazy about him.

    I got over him in two weeks. Legitimately. I know this, as it's been over a decade since then, and I'm just as over him now as I was after that two weeks.

    Studies are about the norm, not giving an example of every situation. OP is ready to flirt and see other people. So clearly this is not a situation that aligns to the studies you are referencing.

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  3. I think you both might have mine… I guess long men with hearts of gold are just ideal partners!

  4. I think your relationship is over. Your husband really wants to sleep with other people, so much that he's giving you silent treatment for expressing how you feel.

    Opening your relationship won't fix your marriage issues. The fact that he would rather sleep around than fix what you have tells you all you need to know.

  5. He can go online with one of his many work friends and you can get a roommate that can afford half the bills. Your current situation is unsustainable.

    It doesn’t even sound like he’s sharing the perks of his job with you even though you are supporting him financially. He is not a “partner”. He’s a liability.

  6. Do you think you can get past it?

    When my wife and I first got together, after our first date, I went on and slept with someone else that I was seeing that next day/morning.

    After I told her about it, sure it was a shock, but she got over it, and now we tease each other about it. Truth is at the time, we both thought it was a one night stand, but she was just shocked that I “moved on” so quickly, so to speak.

    Now, we have been happily married/together for 15 years. I love her so much I could shit rainbows, that type of deal

    What I'm getting at is if you see a future, maybe give it a chance. At this point, she chose YOU. She doesn't want anyone now but you. Go with that. Hop on the ride and see where it takes you. I'm just suggesting not to dismiss it out of hand.

    Best of luck to you, whatever you choose.


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