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  1. I find the whole thing offensive.

    Your coworker, saying you should not allow her things, like you get to decide, that's insane and you should have said something

    But your wife should have stopped at “he doesn't have a say in it”. She is entitled to her hobbies and why would you have to “allow” or veto any?

    But she went further and belittled you instead to make herself seem more in power, saying she is the one who chooses what goes.

    Basically, you are not the one that allows things, SHE IS.

    Messed up

  2. Would it help if there was more structure around your visits? Can you commit to going on one day (say, Thursdays) and you are there for dinner and you play cards or board games afterwards, leaving around 9? Does that seem reasonable/do-able? Or, dinner and a movie? Or, pick a show that you all watch together, you watch one episode a week?

  3. I have a therapist but she is specifically for trauma treatment so I will try asking her about places for autistic people. Ty!


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