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  1. And to add, with no offence meant, in your edit you say it was “straight, nude hitting love”… that’s probably the love bombing. No matter how it plays out, a 32 y/o man getting in a relationship with a 19/20 y/o is an abuser… he is dating someone young and naïve for a reason, that reason being the ease at which he can manipulate that young person. If it was beauty, he would date a gorgeous 30 something instead. Your age was the factor.

  2. “Couples” therapy can actually be beneficial for divorcing parents to learn how to coparent together and get their kids through the tough parts.

  3. Thank you, and you are right he doesn't have to choose me but has continued to choose me. And this likely is coming from my own insecurities. But no. I haven't talked to him about it. I probably should. Thank you again

  4. She was likely drugged, she went to the hospital, her injuries were consistent with sexual assault, she filed a police report, she got a rape kit done. She did everything right- she probably asked you to leave because sexual assault is traumatising, humiliating and she didn't want you to see her like that.

    Tbh she deserves better than someone who will victim blame her, the people who are saying to break up with her might be onto something. Just try not to traumatise her further when you do so.

  5. Then she probably has. So she's stringing along two guys, while simultaneously keeping you from moving on and finding someone else. Tell her that it's time to shit or get off the pot. And when she's still waffling, just tell her you're done, block her on everything, then delete her number, so you won't be tempted to unblock.

    Then avoid every place you could run into her for the next 6 months, or however long it takes you to get over her. You can do this!


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