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19 thoughts on “fuckbate2015live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I really hope everything turns out fine for you!if you have to break up, don't be afraid of ending and not looking back. But if you decide to stay and he is actually I'll somehow, that's gonna be a tough time until you guys goes through calm waters. Take care!

  2. They have offered to pay me but I have declined… I am not sure i can tutor them, they seem to need support at everything,

  3. I’m leaning in your direction. I don’t like OP neglecting to leave out his ex’s financial situation and involvement in their child. If she’s financially well off and/or in a position to invest money into 13F I too would prioritize financially investing in 13M and 3F. 13F would still end up financially taken care of and be none the wiser as to how that happened.

  4. She's is playing you dude. She's “loves you” but does not want an actual relationship with you. Your mm ost like her rebound if her and her bf do break up. As soon as someone else comes along , she out and so are you…

    Find someone else to love.

  5. This is something I made sure my children knew how to do. I don’t ever want them to rely on others or live! on frozen pizza and ramen noodles. Eating them because you want to is okay, but not because you have to.

  6. Taking somebody that you’re dating (for an unknown amount of time) out on romantic dates is lovebombing?

    Weird world we online in huh

  7. I mean, it looks like your girlfriend has a girlfriend. I don’t know if she’s a serial cheater but she’s a serial liar for sure. Might want to check the paternity on the kids. It’s obvious she can cheat on you and like you. So I would get that checked out.

  8. Your sister is an idiot. How was she going to record your reactions of you have your backs to everyone?

    It should have been done the way your girlfriend wanted it done.

    And it shouldn't have been posted without your girlfriends approval.

  9. Less time on the Internet. More time pursuing your own hobbies. 22 is way too young to have given up on dating

  10. The way I see it it’s the lesser of two evils. Sure he’ll be out a few dollars but if he pressures her to get an abortion things could messy and a child could die.

  11. As someone who has twins I can say that the exhaustion of pregnancy compounds the exhaustion after they're born and you never really get back to normal. She's tired and probably touched out by the end of the day. It's always someone else's needs being met, and it gets to be a lot.

  12. This, my dear, is sex pest behavior, and pushing you to have sex over and over until you finally relent is sexual harassment, bordering on assault. He will not get better.

    Do yourself a favor and end the relationship. He needs therapy, and you need someone who respects your boundaries and respects your choices. 20 years old is the perfect time to learn to stand up for yourself and define your boundaries. Please do.

  13. Hi OP, think about it like this. Your boyfriend of two years, who at this point, likely has said he loves you, drunkenly encouraged his male friends to laugh at you while in a vulnerable state and also joined in. Guy friends who could see your hard bottom, who you don’t know so well. Instead of being your champion and closing the door for you, he added to your embarrassment. His apologies don’t mean anything because he has also insulted you and blamed you for the situation/ leaving.

    Spin the situation around. If you loved someone, is that how you would treat them? And is that how you want to be loved? Personally I wouldn’t want to be with someone who I had to explain and argue with why I was upset. Leave. Don’t waste more of your time.

  14. Don’t get married if you’re already unhappy about a major component of a relationship/ major. Sexual incompatibility is a deal breaker.


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