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9 thoughts on “Fuckdesibabelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. There's nothing rude about you, her child, telling her how she hurt you by (more or less) abandoning you. Agreed with previous users, setting a boundary is your best bet moving forward. It doesn't mean it won't hurt, but it does mean there will be a clear set of guidelines she has to adhere to in order to have a relationship with you.

  2. Hmm. That’s not normally how “I feel” statements work.

    The formula is “when you, I feel, because, moving forward….then ask for what you want.”

    If you’re only telling her how you feel and laying it at her feet with no suggested remedy, that tends to put people on the defense as you’re making your problem their problem to fix with no participation.

    “Babe, I love you and like spending one on one time with you. When you have your schedule fully booked and there’s no time for us, I feel lonely and frustrated because while I like the group stuff, I really enjoy time alone together. Moving forward, could we both commit to having two one on one date nights a month? I plan one and you plan one?”

  3. I dont even think its possible to get past this. He pretty much said seeing her topless is disgusting. The damage to OP's self body image will likely well outlast this relationship, it might be that shes shaken or it could be severe depression, depends on OP but either way, she doesnt deserve this from her partner. The b.f has unrealistic expectations based on social media posts of what a “natural” woman is and has said something that can never be taken back. If I were OP, I'd end the relationship and simply state that you will find someone who finds her attractive like she deserves. Dont take what he said to heart, he is a symptom of a problem that has been building for decades in the social media space, unrealistic expectations of body image causing untold mental Illnesses and destroying relationships.

  4. Word! I stopped reading when she flipped out about him not getting a restaurant reservation and she brought up the past bum. The gall and audacity of society is criminal. Op, get a hold on this asap.

  5. Just thank them and tell them you'd love to go but you have prior plans. It's no one's business what those plans are. Having downtime between classes to recharge, getting ready for your upcoming classes, celebrating your 21st with friends, or doing absolutely nothing is fine.

  6. Probably not. She’s going to be hurt and it’s very hot to go backwards in a relationship.

  7. Maybe therapy is the play here, then see what your therapist thinks you should do about all this. I feel like there is potential for you to feel worse after dropping that bomb

  8. At the moment OP doesn't have any recourse. She consented to the video recordings. HOWEVER, if this guy releases those videos anywhere without OP's consent, then he will be violating the law (revenge porn).


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