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3 thoughts on “Funnyteamm live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Sorry, I got hung up at him wanting you to cook for him and do his laundry. You're not his freaking maid. Just lose this guy and nope on over to a better one who doesn't feel so entitled.

  2. Okay I get that. In my mind, his dental issues are because he rarely brushes his teeth and hadn't gone to the dentist in years until I persuaded him to go. He still doesn't take care of his teeth and I see these issues as preventable, whereas I do what I can about wrinkles but they are inevitable.

  3. Oh dear. Time to wake up. Life isn’t a fairy tale. You aren’t going to get a big romantic proposal and a happy ever after wedding. You married a liar who knocked up a teenager he’d only been with a few months.

    Get out of there. Focus on your daughter. Start again.


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