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  1. Honestly if she's as indecisive as you're making her out to be, I highly doubt sitting there providing the debrief will be received with anything but open hostility. You're better off to leave her stuff where she can retrieve it and just save the breath.

  2. Yeah, the fact that your supposed girlfriend keeps accepting and going on these extravagant and very obvious dates with this guy is kind of alarming. These are experiences she should be wanting to have with you but I’m guessing aren’t financially feasible for the two of you, so she is perfectly fine going and doing them with this guy? Yeah, okay…. The first incident with the private chef shoulda been enough for her to start declining, but really it starts to look like she’s going on dates with him under your nose when she keeps going on these 1 on 1 exclusive experiences with him and not you.

  3. I absolutely empathize with you and I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that.

    I think you’re hoping that he’ll just magically wake up and be the partner and father you want him to be. He won’t. You need to acknowledge that and look out for only you and your child.

    Full disclosure, I’m a guy, happily married and I have children. I tell you this so that you know I’m not here with an inherent bias against men or something similar. Reality is what it is. Stay safe.

  4. Reading this and your replies is really heartbreaking. This reminds me so much of my abusive relationship in my early 20s, the only difference is my ex was my rapist and beat me down so mentally and emotionally he blamed me for him raping me, said it was my fault.

    You deserve so much better OP. You seem like a very sensitive person with a very kind and gentle heart. I used to cover for my abuser too because I didn't want people to judge our relationship or think poorly of him but he did so much damage to me, mentally, emotionally and occasionally physically. I'm 30 now and I only just reported the rape last year. I held that deep guilt scar very close to my chest and didn't tell anyone until 5yr later so I completely understand holding it in and burying it deep down. I'm still dealing with it 10yr later. You remind me a lot of myself when I was 20-21.

    You are worth so much more, deserve so much more. He will not get better, he'll get worse. Please please please leave him, dump him, go completely non-contact, ANYTHING but do not go back to him. He doesn't have any redeeming qualities and you being with him for 5yr is nothing when you're so young. Someone will love you so much and support you the way you need, not abuse you. People who love you don't make you feel like shit they make you shine and feel safe.

    Wishing you all the best

  5. Second this, staying with a friend and getting that support system will be super important since he will likely give no support. Her MIL and SIL seem really supportive so that's good.

  6. I have probably been through a shit ton more and accomplished more than the average 30 year old

    You only feel that you are experienced. In reality, because you have given birth to two kids before you were 19 and are living at home with your parents, you don't really have any true life experience. You have a nice comfy roof over your head, and your parents are right there with you in case things get rough. What you are is a teenager with a safe place to on-line, who got knocked up twice before you were even 19, and now can't figure out why the child you married has grown into such a man baby.

  7. This is 100% about your dad's own personal issues. He's getting older, he's out of shape, he's aware that his son (who he was always able to make fun of as looking like “a refugee” whenever he needed to feel better about himself) is now bigger, stronger and better-looking than he is. He's still 'the man' of the house as long as he's better than you in some way…so he's clinging to this idea that he could still beat you in a physical fight because of street smarts or whatever other pathetic reason. You're basically a reminder that he's no longer a young man, the son is surpassing the father.

    I think you should just give him short, non-answers to his comments that don't escalate the situation:

    Dad: “Being big doesn't make you tough.” You: “Okay.”

    Dad: “Muscles may not help you in a real fight.” You: “Hmm.”

    Is your mom aware that this is happening, or is it only when she's not there? I think it would be worth telling her that you're concerned that your dad is trying to force you into a physical confrontation, that you don't want that and you would like her advice on what to do. Your dad is acting out because you're taking care of yourself at the gym; that is ridiculous and she needs to be made aware if she isn't already.

    If that doesn't help, you're probably gonna be stuck keeping your head down and steering clear of your dad until you can move out. Really sad that he would let his own insecurities hurt his relationship with his son.

  8. I'd be more worried that she got drugged and ended up going home with some weirdo.

    Next time you're talking, tell her it sounded like she had a wild night. See what she says. It may be that they just drank too much. If this is a pattern, though, there may be other issues to be concerned about.

  9. Ultimately no relationship is going to last unless everyone involved has their boxes checked. As soon as a box gets unchecked, bye bye. That's someone you have to learn to deal with. No one will be there forever unless you keep checking their boxes. If you don't anymore, well, you're on your own.

  10. You don't have to understand why he feels this way, you have to understand it's a line that he has. There are many people who don't want to hear about who their partner thinks is attractive. And there are people who don't care. You are dating a guy who doesnt' want to hear about it. This isn't like talking to your friends. You will have to accept that if you date him.

    And the face is a body part.

  11. You don't feel heard or respected – because you aren't. Only you can decide how much longer you are willing to on-line like this.

  12. Tell her you're getting back into counseling whether she's “ready” or not. When is anyone ever “ready” for counseling? That's a crock of shit.

    You may have to give her some kind of ultimatum. I do believe the way she's treating you is related to her alcohol consumption, and she probably needs an assessment and possibly rehab.


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