Gaby Torres online webcams for YOU!

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6 thoughts on “Gaby Torres online webcams for YOU!

  1. I have blue/aqua hair….it is EVERYWHERE! My poor husband finds it all over the place. His boxers, his car, his work bag! I live vicariously through my hair with all the adventures and travels those shed hairs take. Man, I hope my hair doesn't cause my husband's coworkers any grief. I'd honestly feel horrible. I won't shave my head over it, but I'd feel really bad. I wonder if I should make warning labels for my husband. WARNING Blue hair contamination may be possible. Apologies in advance.

    I'd bet it's the daycare OP. Hell grocery shopping, malls, movie theaters, even the bank! Any place with humans really.

  2. I hope it is troll posts. Losing my faith in humanity and men in particular. Too afraid to say anything to their wives and let them go off with another man all in the name of being afraid to be called insecure or jealous. What happened to common sense?

  3. Call a domestic violence hotline, they can help you find a place to on-line so you can get out of there.

  4. Do you want to waste another 3 years with a cheating coward?? Imagine spending that three years with someone who actually cares about you.

    Take a break, mourn the loss of what you thought was a real relationship, dust yourself off & move on. You got this.


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