GeorgiaVelvet live! webcams for YOU!

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Hitachi time [Multi Goal]

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  2. First. If it's a deal breaker for you, it's always enough to leave.. Don't let other people tell you it's not “enough” because it's your life and your relationship. No one else has a say in it..

    That said (ironically I guess) I'd like to maybe give some options for your boyfriends health things? As I'm not a big fan of the gym either I've been trying to find other ways.

    Walking goes a long way.. And it's quite nice to do, or hiking if that's available in your area. Maybe other sports he might like?

    Why does he eat so much fast food if I may ask?

  3. If there is one thing Reddit is good at it is giving rush decisions based on limited information. It has some value, but…

    I was head over heals about a gal back in my 20s. It ended suddenly and unexpectedly. I ended up getting married 18 months later and have been happily married for decades. Still, the first one haunts me and I'm fortunate our paths have never crossed. I wish I could get her out of my mind but I can't. One tends to only remember the good parts.

    There is nothing wrong with you. You are a normal human with normal confusing emotions and you are taking a smart course of action to talk with someone. and keep that therapist on speed dial if you feel you need to go back. Or ring me up on here and I'll help knock some sense back into you.

    My nephew (US) just married a gal in the UK so I know about the visa challenges and such.

  4. He might also be like me, who can read and write in French, but can hardly speak it. I also double check my writing in a translator, even if Iā€™m almost always correct.


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