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  1. >! Ended up admitting!<

    How so? Was it a convo that happened to get there or did you ask him because you found porn or something?

    First case, he’s a douche for dropping that unnecessarily; but the second case is a little more understandable as to why he would say that.

    Imo, people have this misconception that you’ll find the person (you marry) to be the most attractive to them forever, and that’s just not likely. There is always someone more sexually attractive to everyone else, and people get older.

    It’s a problem if that’s the reason he’s not being intimate with you, but it can be a solvable problem if he has a porn addiction or if one or both of you have… let yourself go ( it happens to tons of couples, I’m fat now and you just get busy in life) so there are solutions.

    I had a friend whose wife became overweight and he lost sexual attraction for her, they talked about it and worked it out and she lost weight and now they are fine.

    There are also couples that never spice up the bed life so things get stale and they stop being as aroused by the other.

    From the info you’ve stated in your post, there isn’t enough info to make any sort of advice or perspective. We would need to know what the convo was about, why it came up, and the tone that you guys were using.

    I’m seeing a lot of “ he’s wrong” or “he’s lying/neggin” when that’s not obvious at all with the given info. This actually could be quite normal because married couples can get stale without effort and marriage requires effort. I can’t tell if he’s the problem/being an asshole or you guys got married without understanding the long term difficulties of marriage because you guys got married in your really early 20s.

    Talk to more couples in real life who are older, you may find your situation is bad or just in a normal rut.

  2. I'd talk to him about how you've bought gifts and that it means a lot to you to at least have some form of winter celebration. See if you can find a common ground.

    I don't like Christmas either but I know my partner really wants a tree, so we're compromising and getting a tree, stockings, but no Christmas music blasting.

  3. My husband did this to me a few years ago. I responded by first stopping all makeup wearing (I hate the stuff anyways and am much happier not dealing with it). Then for every comment he made I got rid of a piece of clothing he preferred but I didn’t care for and made sure he saw me get rid of it. I now only have clothing I want and like to wear, my closet it so much easier to manage, and my husband no longer cares how I dress. Of course he has come to the dark side with me and lives in sweatpants or basketball shorts, no longer caring what others think. We still dress appropriately for the event/situation when necessary but when it’s just us, we are very comfortable in our clothing choices. I realize this won’t work for everyone and probably not most, but this happened 5 years ago and I have so much happier dressing as my “shabby” self.

    You could turn the tables on him and make comments about his clothing or haircut or facial hair or whatever. It’s petty and not the most mature action but it would show him how the comments hurt.

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  5. You have no idea how much that all meant to me. I wish I would've made so many different choices and I take my share of the responsibility of getting myself into this situation. I thought we were a team. I didn't know I was a tool to bettering only his life. I appreciate your comment more than you know, thank so much ??. You made me cry, and I never do.

  6. The good news about most of the assets already being in her name is that you have comparatively little that can be taken from you during the divorce. Walk away clean.

  7. Creepy. getting major stalker vibes

    Personally i would tell my partner what haired and how inappropriate that felt. Really overstepped. I wood then ask for her to block that person everywhere.

  8. I suppose nothing. I guess I'm reading into things too much. I obviously would love for him to join and wish he enjoyed time with my family too. But I can't force it

  9. Definitely ask her. Maybe try approaching it as asking what she's planning and that you were thinking about going somewhere too, maybe going somewhere together could be fun… See how she reacts.

    I think going for a holiday together can give you a good idea of compatibility for the relationship too


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