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  1. You talk about your mental health and needs- well your wife has those needs too. She wants that job, as opposed to being only a housewife. Support her. Yes it will mean adjusting. Is there other family or medical support services to help you. That may help both of you, for you to get other resources for your mental health management.

    Having a home business is great but it can also be fickle. 40 hour week is steady and comes with other benefits. Ask her about her job and her day.

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  3. If you've already said it was just a misunderstanding, and he doesn't care to accept that…. You've done your duty and he needs to get over himself.

    People misinterpret what is being said all the time for various reasons, it's why one common counseling exercise is to practice repeating what you have heard back to your partner.

  4. Almost like police can't take critique cause they know their profession is systemically fucked up and evil and that they are active perpetrators of said fucked up evil

  5. My mom introduced me to some guy when I was 16, calling him a “healer” and saying I needed his action. He strangled me and threw water at me while reciting the Quran. I'm not even a Muslim and neither is my dad. That guy was a con, and she had him online with us for MONTHS while my dad was away taking care of our assets abroad, because she was stupid enough to believe he had some kind of mystical power. Then, when I was 16, she took me to her birth country to meet another one of her “healers”. She stood in a separate but concomitant room while that guy was sexually assaulting me and I called out for her to act and make it stop. Then, she proceeded to smear me to my dad, so much so that he doubted my word. Only my aunt (not even my aunt by blood, a STRANGER who was a friend of hers) believed me and got into her so that she would believe me too. Do not fucking talk to me about loyalty. My mother never had any towards me.

  6. Did you finish reading the top comment this one originates from? Because that’s the premise the comments below it are based upon:

    “Two week vacation, fine. Going on an open ended trip of discovery when you have a family is not only stupid, it's bloody selfish. Therapy is cheaper, more helpful and doesn't require skipping out on your husband and child”

  7. Again tell me how I am enabling her by TRYING to get her help and support? Therapy and meds. Why is my sister condemned to being alone for the rest of her life because of past behavior?

    Anything else I say you'll just accuse of “both sides”ing so this comment isn't worth my time. Thanks for nothing.


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