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  1. Ok, everyone going straight off with the cheating route is being a bit ignorant. Cheating may have happened, but believe it or not. STDs are not always transmitted sexually and even if he got it through someone else, it could’ve been before getting with you.

    As far as I know, all the infections you mentioned can happen spontaneously, after washing your intimate parts unproperly, sharing a towel or if you’ve been in a poorly sanitised restroom or change room ok? So don’t panic…

    I got Herpes Simplex from a past partner, and I immediately freaked out cause I always use condoms… turns out they are not always effective at preventing it, because it spreads through skin contact (I got it on my groin); 1 out of 6 people have Herpes and it’s often not curable, good thing is that its difficult to transmit and even if you get it, it’s difficult that you might get sores ever again. Herpes though, can lower your body barriers and cause other types of infections, such as the ones you mention…

    Either way, the only solution, before pointing fingers is to have healthy communication with your partner and ask him, based on the fact that you got an STD, that you suspect he could’ve cheated on you.

    If he blames you, then he’s not the person for you, leave him.

    If he says no, then it’s up to you to trust him, maybe if he’s got nothing to hide, he might even show you his phone? Don’t ask for it yourself, that’s very bad…

    Trust is key in relationships, if you don’t have any, it’s just better to leave

  2. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I’m aquadriplegic (30F) with aa trach and constant spasticity thatcan easily throw me out of my wheelchair if if I’m not properly buckled. I alsohave Heart and pulmonary issues, constant tremors. and slurred speech from a neurological condition while also struggling with obesity. I need help with pretty much everything, from showering toswallowing. Needless to Say I can’t be left on my own for long period s.

    My. husband knew all that when we first met and he stilll vowed to spend the test of his life with me. I never. quite understood why a successful middle aged businessman would willingly chooseto marry a woman with profound disabilities s like mine, and I don’t say that because of low self-esteem, I’m just a realist. I knew, since I suffered the accid ent in my early teens, that I could still be a very cool aunt, a loving daughter and a great therapist, but I could never be a wife, and I was honestly fine with thatThen I met my boyfriend and we married less than two years into the relationship.

    He. was adamant about me moving in with him so he could be myprimary caregiver and so I did. Her is flawless and I’m as healthy as I’ve ever been under his care, I don’t ever get pressure sores. He madethewhole house accessible even before I moved in, so I’ve never been so independent. I can literally only move. three fingers on my left hand in my entire body and I do feel independent with all of the adaptations he’s made just for Me.

    He’s also my best friend, a great listener r and we share a lotof common interests. I did sense something was off during the first year of our relationship, though. For example: he would stares. way too much while I was struggling in physical therapy, he would kiss me too passionately every time I came out of a whole body spastic episode and he has always had someweird fascination about my atrophied hands and tremors. My head never stops, it is always shakingg badly, which causes a lot of neck tension, and he would always offer a two hour masssage, which I thought was weird but sweetand helpful. I guess I never paid too much attention to these red flags simply because because I didn’t want to see them.

    Three Days ago I needed his computer while I charged mine, so our hired help got it for me. Right on the first page I saw a video of a woman with cp trying to get up from the floor, so i looked at hisbrowser history just to ind out he’s been watching disabled women struggling all day. He even searched for “s everely disabled woman ” and watched videos of women as crippled as myself. And judging by how disabled I am, j think I might be the whole package for him.

    I haven’t had the heart to confront him about it yet and I’m not even sure will. I’m just heartbroken thinking that my life isa lie and i don’t know my husband at all. I just lovehim too much and don’t want to loose himbut I can’t even look him in the eye. Impossible situation.

  3. Yes, shoot your shot over text or Snapchat. “Hey, I need to be honest with you. I’m into you. Would you like to go out on a date sometime?” Good luck.

  4. This really depends how bad they were before and how much damage you did. If your scratch looks like his scratches and you just added an extra one, then it’s not a big deal. It might even be the kind of thing you just don’t say anything because his boss might be an asshole and demand all new rims even though they were already messed up. If your scratch it like 10 times worse than all the others and is super obvious, then you tell the boss and let insurance pay it out. Either way at worst, it’s just an inconvenience. This is what insurance is for.

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  6. It's up to you. If you want a relationship with your current boyfriend, then you need to distance yourself from your crush. If you want a relationship with your crush, then you need to break up with your current boyfriend.

  7. Then he shouldnt have that title.

    just treated him to lunch 3 times last weeks and just offer lunch yesterday after our hike

    Did u counter with that?

    like short back messages or nice homemade dinner

    Does he do those for u?

    I’m sure if i offer any of you guys Five Guys after a sweaty hike, you’d think it’s cool.

    So again, if u know this, why are u choosing to be with him?

    yelling at me

    Yelling is a dealbreaker for me.

    hasn’t been treating me to anything)

    So again, why are u with him?

    He lives in his van and refuse to pay me half of rent if living with me).

    Again, why are u with him? Dont let him live! with u if this would bother u. If he works, why cant he afford rent? Where does he see his daughter?

    Is he a sex addict? It doesnt make him a mean person, he chooses to be a mean person. He can masturbate.

  8. I’m validating your feelings my friend. You’re not crazy or manipulative. This person either reflecting or just have major trust issues. Been there done that, it just gets worst. It is not fair for you to be walking on eggshells all the time and anything unfortunate happen is a proof that you’re “sus” that’s emotionally draining and exhausting. If he doesn’t trust you then he shouldn’t be with you, it’s not right to make your life hell beyond scared of something unfortunate happen that makes him swear up and down that you’re up to something. I’m not a person to say just leave. But this is a very toxic relationship and he is a paranoid and a “no you” person that needs some major therapy.


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