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  1. I've been doing this additional task for a full year, which should never have been the case

    For something like that you should ask for a raise.

    Nope…he apologized saying I won't get the bonus until after my 1yr mark because of company policy.

    Remind him of this exact conversation. This topic shouldn't be taboo (as you said). Sure it's a daunting topic, but it's what you were promised and it's time for him to stop stringing you along like a bad relationship. Remind him now and once more in a week, if you get no concrete numbers/dates, go to his boss.

  2. I mean if he isn't into it he isn't into it, and he can set that boundary, but also you can do the same and say that you don't want to be with someone who doesn't reciprocate. Maybe you're just not as good a fit, or maybe there needs to be a compromise.

    Fingers crossed you can sort it out soon! 🙂

  3. It kinda hurts man cause all she told me when she watches porn she only thinks about me and can only ever get turned on by me, now I feel like she's watching it to be petty, looking at other men thinking “He's so much X compared to me” and the sort cause she's used it as a weapon almost.

    idk but tbh when she's upset she's called me many things, but never about porn. Like she's called me unloving, uncaring, loser, etc and she has problems she can't control what she says when she's upset. She uses things that I'm insecure about or unhappy about as a weapon when she's upset.


  4. The last one was the best one but the two before that…when I noticed this story… the behaviors were abhorrent. Getting wasted with coworkers and canceling plans on me constantly. A million things like that. Then crying to get me back the next morning and making promises. I learned my lesson the very hot way there and have better limits now. But all of these people say they’re committed and then do really weird things to show me they’re not.

    The breakup I’m grieving now from last weekend is an LDR. She was going to move to me. She talked about doing it. She came to visit several long weekends and spent time with my daughter. But she was nervous about changing cities (which I totally understand). I suggested coming out for like 3 weeks this summer to work remote. She said her job doesn’t allow it and she’d have to change up her work entirely. But maybe she’d think about it setting it up over this summer and we’d revisit in a few months. It was very non-committal. Then a week later, totally out of the blue, she texts me that she’d applied to do a month-long training for a hobby in Mexico. No comment about coming to try out the city. And she didn’t even need to tell me she applied for that. It felt like a very deliberate message that I’m not a priority. I was supportive but my messages were short. Super disorganized attachment stuff. I just wanted to be able to tell what hell she wanted and none of these people seem to know.

  5. Yes, I realize that. We disagree on whether or not it makes me unfaithful, but I stopped doing that regardless. I just get content off reddit mostly now. This all started because she wouldn't believe that some messages I deleted were innocent. They really were though, I deleted them because I thought there'd be fallout from me even just talking to another woman.

  6. That’s a good point. If I can’t find the gf through my friend I’ll reach out to the SIL, and at least see if she can give me gfs name.

  7. I feel you brother.. but I’m in a dilemma on how I can let her know with out making me seem like an insecure and needy boyfriend

  8. Very hot disagree. People have every right to retain memories and mementos freely given from their prior relationships.


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