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8 thoughts on “Goddesscharliedollie online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Wow if that all it took to piss you off and expect compensation for, I wouldn't want to be your friend.

    I had an epic 30th Birthday bash 12 years ago that included lots of alcohol and a jelly pool where to no obligation to my friends could jump in and have a wrestle, it did not dissapoint, most of my girlfriends ended up raiding my wardrobe after they finished and took my clothes but because I gave them the temptation to use the jelly pool I didn't complain and some of my friends gave back my clothes but others didn't. I didn't expect them to pay for it nor did I stop being friends with them, in fact it's still talked about to this day cause it created a memory! Most my friends were paraletic drunk and threw up all over my yard and inside my house and we would hang shit on them for it and we'd all laugh.

    Get over it mate, or just don't have parties if that is your mind set. You sound like a Scrooge.

  2. I didn’t read the other comments maybe someone has mentioned it already. The reason men like this choose 19 year old girls is because other 27 year old women don’t date losers.

  3. There is nothing wrong with having a “friends with benefits” situation with someone (and is definitely safer than having random hook-ups) as long as you are both clear in your expectations of the situation. BEFORE anything happens, you need to be clear about your rules and boundaries…stuff like “don’t call me if you are drunk” or “I need to plan a day ahead to arrange baby-sitting” or “always use condoms” or whatever.

    This is weird advice coming from me, because I was young before internet dating existed and have never liked the idea of it but….if I were in your shoes right now I might consider joining a “sugar baby” dating site. If you can find a guy on there that you think is attractive, it would offer you a sexual outlet while also getting some financial support.

    But having said all that, my true advice is to get a vibrator and forget about men for a little while. Focus on yourself and your baby, figure out your housing situation, get a job or go back to school… What you need right now is to learn self-reliance. But you don’t need to feel “guilty” about a casual encounter either, as it is not “wrong” to satisfy those needs. Just don’t let this distract you from what you really need to focus on.

  4. The way you get her is the same way you will lose her. If she cheated on her boyfriend to be with you, she will do the same when she is with you. If you want to take this seriously, don't engage with her until she is single.

  5. Maybe you should have asked instead of assuming. I asked about his behavior, yet everyone came in guns blazing trying to tear me down for being curious about his behavior.

  6. Sorry but it just sounds like you're a bad drunk. It doesn't matter if you're fun to most people if you're mean to some (or just one).

  7. The argument revealed 2 things.

    1- in an arguement she goes for the win, not for resolution

    2- she has some deep seated problems that the two of you need to hash out (if possible)

    You can’t just move past it, because it’s revealed some serious problems that need to be worked through together.

    If she wants to just move on, it’s possible that she’s never learned how to work through problems without it being a fight. Her fear of confrontation could have caused all these feelings to build up and then she exploded over nothing.

    If you’re going to be a healthy couple, then you need to both learn to talk through nude things in a loving way. To listen even when you’re hurt. To be brave enough to face the awkward conversation. Because it’s worth the effort.


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