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  1. A kink is usually a particular sexual interest. Maybe you like partly-clothed sex, or being tied up, or being called a certain name.

    A fetish is something which gives you sexual pleasure in lieu of the thing that actually gives you pleasure. So, underwear a woman has worn (smells like her, but isn't her), or lipstick she has used, or a guy's front-button shirt, etc.

  2. I don’t think she is trying to sabotage anything. She is trying to ensure her sobriety. I think it’s great SIL had decided to invite her, but declining the invitation because she is concerned about her ability to abstain is valid. She is newly sober, hell people with years of sobriety have difficulty sometimes. So it can be a difficult especially in a large group of people hanging out and getting drunk, offering alcohol, to be strong enough to not drink.

    If she explains her reasoning as to why she doesn’t feel ready to come. I would hope SIL would see this as a positive step, especially based on what happened previously, and be proud of her. She’s being mature & responsible in her decision. If SIL can’t understand that then that is on SIL. Stay strong OP, you’ve got this!

  3. Don't tell him not to game but try to make some plans, ask him to make some plans that involve you. Tell him how you feel without blaming him for gaming.

    Tell him he betrayed you with the gaming agreement, if he game after 9pm (some time to give you more quality time together..)

    Anyway, whatever you do don't blame him for gaming, don't say you play games all the time, don't play games… That's a NO NO! He'll get defensive and nothing will change.

  4. You ought to be really careful with that husband of yours. I wouldn’t leave him alone with your daughter for one second. God knows what he’s telling her and god knows what he’ll do to her as she gets older. He’s already shown he has no qualms about dating his own underage student. Why do you think he’ll behave appropriately once she’s 15, 16, 17?

    Most common person to molest/sexually abuse someone is a family member.

  5. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I would consider her both a friend and my sister, but perhaps it's one sided? We talk often and hang out. Also go out of my way for her when she needs me.

    Growing up I always let her hang out with me if I had friends over (even though teenage me didn't always want that). I also always took her out with me so that she wouldn't be home alone all the time. That caused us to really bond as we got older. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and if always at any of my birthday celebrations. My friends know her and get along with her as well.

    One the other hand, my sister never invites me to spend time with her and her friends. Not a big deal, just want to point out the differences. She did not include me in my wedding party, which was painful but I understand that it's her wedding to do what she wants. I never complained and was happy. A friend of hers, who's my age, was in her bridal party and introduced herself as her sister during the speech. I couldn't help but feel like I was being replaced. It's was naked to hear that but I have a friend who I would consider a sister, so it get it, but it still stings…

    I totally understand and acknowledge that she's her own person and might not always want me around but it doesn't help the hurt I feel when it happens. It was just so odd, like why was my brother-in-law so sneaky about it? Why ask me to plan the party and then come up with a lame excuse. Ugh

    You're right though, I should just bring it up but perhaps on a different day since we're celebrating her birthday tomorrow.

    Sorry for rambling I'm just trying to process my emotions, perhaps I'm making this a bigger deal than it is. Thanks again.


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