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  1. I’m sorry I read this as “eating disorder” and was completely confused as to what was going on- and totally dump her ass what an AH

  2. I would talk with her and tell her that first, you respect her identity and you’re glad for her that she has figured out such an important part of herself. I’d go on to tell her that you really want to get to know who she is now and to work with her to create a really good coparenting relationship to replace the marriage. And that couples counseling is often used by divorcing couples to work in transition to coparenting.

    From there it may be possible to work together on creative living arrangements so that you both have lots of time with the kids.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. 5'6?!

    I'm 5'3″ and weigh about 60-65kg at the moment. I was in the 70s before. That's not that bad even for my height. That's just being a bit overweight. I wouldn't even call that fat and that's a good three inches shorter. I was also the same with emotional eating/binging, still struggle with it.

    I don't understand either having much of an issue with that especially at 5'6.

    Of course it's good to be focused on health and fitness, but OPs views, motivations, and perceptions are questionable. Get therapy. Work on self-esteem and the deeper issues. Figure out if the husband is helping or hurting. This kind of pressure rarely helps in the long term and it's just cruel.

    I was honestly thinking she was so overweight her health was at risk and husband was concerned. I mean, he could just be sick of hearing about it, and going along with diets and exercise routines that aren't stuck to, along with the oncoming disappointment that people often deal with when realising they haven't made any progress. To have an issue with it is one thing, but to end a relationship over it is… odd.

  4. Regardless of his problems, if you find yourself lying and avoiding then this is not a relationship you should stay in.

    Yes it sounds like he had a serious problem, but you cannot fix it. He is the only one who can. Until he reaches out for professional help this will repeat over and over. A case could be made that staying just perpetuates the problem and will at some point affect you even more than it already has.

  5. Just because you want to meet him doesn’t mean he wants to meet you. You can definitely contact him put don’t put too much hope in an emotional reunion.

  6. Didn’t you post this in another sub? You’re not the victim in this conversation. Your gf is absolutely right to assume you’re going to act like a child as soon as she moves in with you

  7. But apparently not mature enough to know u dont shit talk your partner… talk about a gem OP got herself. He sounds like a right AH.

    OP do u like being with someone that doesn't respect u? Because this man doesn't respect u, your struggles or the work you've put in to change.

    He's so much older than u so he knows exactly what he's doing. Do better.


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