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  1. Sorry to be a pessimist but people often act better and treat each other better after a rough patch. More than likely he’ll eventually default back into being an uncaring ass. You can tell him or not, but this relationship sounds like it’s a bit doomed either way.

  2. Tell her you're down but she needs to break up with her bf first. Ask for proof too. If she says nah, don't do anything with her, send proof to the bf and move on. You're too young to waste time of someone toxic but too old not to know better.

  3. I’m very hesitant about messaging her cuz I don’t want to ruin there friendship, as I think it’s him I don’t think she wants anything more then a friendship I just don’t want to go to him if I’m being dramatic and Hormonal as my emotions are all over due to being pregnant

  4. If you were too drunk to consent then they SA’d you at the very least, and possibly raped you, depending on what you mean by “sexual activity had occurred”. I’m sorry this has happened to you.

  5. Look. He can’t read your mind and most people can’t come up with a perfect response on the spot, every time. Cut him a break, jeez. He literally did the right and most respectful thing. To me it’s saying, “I respect my girl so I’m saying no yo your proposition.” What more could you possibly want? Obnoxious.

  6. Let’s be honest, most men aren’t perfectly using condoms. There was a post today about a guy using scented lotion to get the condom on because he was unrolling it before he put it on.

  7. She’s allowed to choose her sexual boundaries. She isn’t allowed to deceive someone into a marriage.

  8. He is going to hurt her. You've said he's already abusive and alcoholic and I promise you, right now, as the child of an alcoholic:

    If- and a big if- he doesn't physically abuse her, he will emotionally abuse her until she's a shell of who she could have been. She will not be happy and will need therapy and wonder why dad couldn't love her.

    If you can't leave for you, I'm begging you, leave for your daughter.

  9. Interesting that you use the WHO definition as the standard but gender dysphoria is notably absent from their list. So your source does not agree with you that it's a mental disorder.

    I don't disagree with his “opinion.” I disagree with his (and your) incorrect assertion that being transgender is a mental disorder, as disproven by your own source.

  10. Yeah, it could be a kind of dysautonomia (not necessarily POTS). After exercise, I have PEM and can't thermoregulate (my temperature starts dropping off extremely and I can't stop shivering for at least 40 minutes or until I'm exposed to someone else's body heat), often pass out or become dizzy. If there's a link with dysautonomia and MCAS (which has been tentatively explored but not conclusively published yet), it could also explain the vomiting.

  11. Essentially you were someone he could have fun with but now he's bored and has moved on

    It probably was never serious with him you were there to occupy his time or entertain him

    Some guys will do this when bored especially online

  12. OP has a good plan, and I am sure she will be very pleased with it. She will surely be satisfied. Unfortunately, he is not. He needs, for some reason, to feel like a better provider to her, for this birthday, at least. I dont personally think its ever going to be necessary to buy someone anything that lavish, just to prove that I am good at loving them..

    But this post isnt REALLY about impressing her, is it? Hes obviously a very caring husband.. Shes got no need to want, and isnt complaining.

    There is a lesson to be had here. One- You must recognize when a human is feeling inadequate, and address that. How outlandish a person would be, to even SUGGEST that someone spend a thousand dollars on someone just to be a good giver?

    Surely the OP might actually read this comment and realize how ridiculous he sounds.

    A healthy, Godly marriage, is not actually based on the worldly possessions one can acquire. Its based on balance, consistency, progression, commitment, and intimacy.

    However, if HE needs to feel like more of a man, like a better provider, since this is truly the meat of his query, then a thousand dollar purse will set the story straight.

    Very well done, btw.

    PS I am an ordained minister. Sometimes a ludicrous suggestion is taken at face value by a secular thinking worldly person. A deeper person will quickly see that the gift of Love is far more valuable and treasured than financial gifts.

    Go with God.

  13. It is not shallow to expect your partner to be hygienic. It is reasonable and normal to expect your partner to have at least ‘average’ oral hygiene.

    If he’s got a tooth issue, he should be seeing someone who can actually provide him with a proper and updated care routine. Even getting a waterpik flosser would really help in a super gentle way.

  14. Therapy.

    Or you leave.

    Because if she doesn’t get therapy your relationship is going to explode when she finds an abuser to cheat on you with.

  15. i dont intend on breaking up, i dont think its too late and she is very sweet when she can.

    lately she has been very stressed out overall so i guess i also give in a lot to not let her down even more

  16. Stop blaming your dad for your decisions. You're making the right decision not to pay for your boyfriend's house. Own your decision.

    If you live with him, though, make sure you're paying rent. He can use that money for the renovation if he likes.

  17. I have been married for almost 20 years and we have separate bedrooms. We have different sleep styles and needs. He steals all the blankets and listens to music. I snore and kick and need something soothing. We go to bed at different times. We both need our own spaces to decompress and chill. We are happily married (for the most part lol). Do what works for your relationship and don’t worry about anyone else.

  18. They're not in the middle of a divorce if no one has filed yet. She's still living with her husband. Whether or not they're having marital problems and might end up divorced, you're currently the affair partner of a married woman.

  19. “I brought you into this world and I can take you out!” That's the one I got along with the whole “food and shelter are a privilege not a right” thing like bitch I didn't decide to be born. That was all you

  20. You're absolutely right, I'm going to blame a predictive text and be me for not proofreading it properly. I'm going to fix that now and I'm indebted to you. Thanks!

  21. Then as mentioned above, talk to the hotel about the situation and see if they will wave the cancellation fee. If not then unfortunately it looks like she'll have to lose the deposit.

    Also, it might be a good idea that she keeps the plans of her trip to herself and stays off social media for the duration of her trip. For her own safety.

  22. Then as mentioned above, talk to the hotel about the situation and see if they will wave the cancellation fee. If not then unfortunately it looks like she'll have to lose the deposit.

    Also, it might be a good idea that she keeps the plans of her trip to herself and stays off social media for the duration of her trip. For her own safety.

  23. I don't think most of us men are like your “absolute gem” of a boyfriend. He should want to spend time with you, regardless of there being a possibility or not of being sexual in that day… Hell, if that logic was to be followed them it would kill the excitement of the sexual act itself or the surprising nice things he does for you – if it always feels like a chore for the person doing it, that is

    He is not being realistic with his expectations in the relationship, and he should try to avoid potentially using emotional blackmail to get you to do what he wants. Don't change your behaviour based on his attitude changing from him not getting what he wants.

    Ultimately, you are his partner and not a call girl. You shouldn't always be having to do whatever he wants because he has done this or that

    Not sure how you can get him to tone this down, if it has been a thing for a while. Maybe breaking up will be the only option but you have to decide that for yourself

  24. Whoa………..if she doesn't work and is unwilling to do her part at home, what the hell does she contribute? Don't do this to yourself. You're in a bad relationship. Cut the dead weight loose.

  25. Why would an IUD be uncomfortable because of his size, besides the pain of insertion? It goes in the uterus, no matter how big this guy is, he's not getting past the cervix, right? I've never had an IUD but I've also never heard of this as an issue.

  26. Then she's stupid.

    If she invited OP's brother to a private dinner for his bday, that's one thing. But to throw a whole surprise party? And treat the man's twin – his brother that he's known from the womb, literally the closest person in the world to him on his birthday – like an afterthought?

    Why would he want to date someone so stupid?

  27. Ignoring red flags is not a good start. You deserve better, but I also think you should be more picky next time to avoid this in the future. Someone is not going to magically change just because you get into a relationship with them.

  28. Plot twist: OP and her friend are Muslim and the name is “Mohammed”.

    Your friend's a fool. Where did people get the idea that you can have some sort of monopoly over a name?

  29. Here's the thing. It IS because of the Adderall. It allows us to function normally. Where others are adversely affected by the stimulant. and get high, we simply balance at baseline.

    That said, if/when she does this, bluntly ask how that gives you an edge? There no edge, or artificially attained anything, so what's her point?

    I like to compare it to a blood pressure med or insulin for diabetics, and ask how I'm somehow cheating by doing what's necessary to be normal?

    This tends to shit it down imo, and I don't give e them the satisfaction of knowing it bothers me outside the curiosity as to why that matters.

    make her feel dumb, and frankly, don't be gentle.

    matter of fact works best .

  30. How did you find out those things? I feel old relationships are like old tax returns – best left in the past. Maybe her asshole ex coerced her into doing things she didn’t enjoy. Some men are like that.

    It’s dangerous to compare past relationships. It’s obviously not easy to know details sometimes of past relationships. But every relationship is different. There are things I’ve done with girlfriends that I wouldn’t necessarily do with my wife. Mostly bc some things she wouldn’t enjoy. But still.

    Work on each other. Go to counseling. You never know the full story until you talk it out.

  31. It could very likely be that at age 23, it feels way too young for him to be talking about marriage and settling down vs a reflection on your relationship. I remember feeling exactly this way until about 26. What is the rush? Enjoy your 20’s!


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