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Doggy And Two Fingers on ASS// [Multi Goal]

8 thoughts on “HeidyWills live sex chats for YOU!

  1. I don’t think women value dominance, that has not been my experience.

    My experience has been that women value a man who respects himself, is capable of taking charge of his own life, has his own sense of self identity, can make his own informed and rational decisions, and is emotionally intelligent. I guess if that’s considered dominance, then maybe I have a different perspective.

    This guy does not telegraph that sense at all from what he’s written. He sounds completely afraid to make up his own mind at all, online his life for himself, and is not able to or making himself willfully ignorant to read cues and situations. He comes off as someone who can be walked all over and has no strong sense of self.

    And you’re right, it is very likely the reason why his wife doesn’t want to fulfill his sexual fantasies with him, but will with another man. Not to say that it’s his fault his wife cheats on him, at all. But that shit just isn’t sexy or sexually attractive to most women. He doesn’t make her excited.

  2. Threatening suicide, stalking, blaming you for his bad behavior…all signs of an abusive relationship. Block him and his family every way you can and go on with your life.

  3. This. I told my husband he could cum in my mouth one time bc I wanted to try it. I also swallowed. I thought it would be wild and fun and erotic. Sadly, it made me absolutely sick to my stomach for hours afterwards. That was it. Most things I am willing to try again but not something that made me want to vomit. So I still give bjs but he has never cum in my mouth again no matter how hard he thinks it is or how nude he thinks the bj is. They are usually able to control it.

  4. He doesn’t show happy emotion that often, he does sometimes but it’s rare. I know I can be annoying if I get random bouts of happiness or excitement and he’ll tell me to tone it down. He mostly gets annoyed if I compliment him on more than 1 thing a day. I know this sounds ridiculous as I’m writing it out now, but it’s 8am by me and I feel like I already reached my quota for the day on nice things I can say. He says it comes across as flattery and I’m going to put a lot of people off by acting like this, he says he’s trying to help me

  5. and why are you using a throw away and fake names, but then using your sons nickname, you are big dumb


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