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8 thoughts on “Helena-Baker on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Needing to wake her up while she’s sleeping for an emergency twice a month seems like an unusual amount to me, yes. That’s what you said was the case, if it isn’t than that’s different.

  2. Oh cmon. Who the hell has 17k laying around for some airplane tickets? I personally would be shocked as well if someone told me that information.

  3. Bail and make sure to record everything I get the feeling she will not go quietly into the night she sounds fucking nuts.

  4. “…should put trust in her intentions not her words.”

    This is literally the opposite of what you should do. However, even if you did do that, what’s the intention?

    To scare you perhaps? Mission accomplished!

  5. Personally I would leave regardless of the outcome. She admits she knew she was cheating and then of course it went bad now she is playing victim with you. Send her ass back to the streets and find a better women.

  6. Yes it’s normal to not want to hear of your partners past, especially past relationships.

    By the sounds of this, it isn’t the first time that you have started discussing your past when it hasn’t been needed.

    Now it’s not clear if you are talking about anything and everything, or whether you are removing any exes from your stories.

    If you are removing exes from your stories, then you need to talk to your partner, and find out why he has a problem.

    If you are not removing exes from your stories, then you have a choice – either stop talking about it, or get ready for him to leave.


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