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  1. As long as you're not abusive, then whether she's willing to take on that burden is her decision to make.

    A warning though, as someone who've dated someone younger than me (almost the same age gap as you, actually), the difference in maturity levels and life expectations can be tremendous at this age, and might weigh heavily on you.

  2. Wow, they've definitely hit the jackpot and got their feet right under the table. Time to grow your backbone my dear. Stop grocery shopping and just look after yourself. Even if you have to get a separate fridge. Cut off certain bills like the broadband for example. Take plugs away for their consoles if they have them. If they want electricity…. they need to pay for it.

    If they're going to act like kids then treat them like it. Set some serious boundaries from now on. Why aren't they trying to get a job? No more excuses etc. Get on it or no luxuries. Simple. You are not their mum. Your boyfriend should be your partner. You shouldn't be his carer. I hope this has opened your eyes to who you are living with.

  3. Girl, I am sorry to tell you this but he is not the one for you. You started dating as children! It is ok to not be with that person forever.

    He has a porn addiction, and you should not have to put up with it.

    How far along are you? It's time to dump this bozo and I know it hurts but this man should not be a father and you cannot have this child. You want to raise a kid with a porn addict who can't go one second without it?

  4. I have brought it up before a couple of times right after he finishes and he hasn’t really made any changes.

    You’re right, perhaps the timing was bad but there’s really not a good time to wait until it’s the weekend and I honestly just wanted to get it off my chest and not let it make me turn into a mean moody rat.

  5. Doubt this is even real. But if so, it's all your behavior. All the people “YASS QUEENing” you are delusional and projecting their own insecurities onto the situation. You didn't even ask your boyfriend why, you just made passive aggressive comments, went to bed, and then violated his privacy anyway. At 38, you need to grow up, especially if you can't have a conversation with your significant other of 3 years.

  6. It doesn't matter. It is not OP's money. OP is not entitled to it.

    Oh, he feels like if he were in her position, he would willingly support her “free of charge,” well, that's what HE thinks, but it is not the reality.

    The reality is money is a big theme in relationships, and he has his expectations too high. They are not married with joint accounts where my money is his/her money and vice-versa. If OP does not like the arrangement he can move on (nobody is saying is easy, but he got to get shoes that fit him).

  7. No we have a very clear and open communication. We are both no introverts and have no trouble in expressing what we really feel. We have known each other for 14 years now so we have been through all the “dont lie, be brutally honest” hurdles all these years. Pretty self-actualised as well and with two kids matured. We have two sweet daughters and we like to take pride that it might have something to do with our good parenting. So the house is stable.

  8. I don't have a problem with porn (or pork) at all. She was just tipsy tough and kept talking about it.

    She knew she was talking about incest porn on a first date, don't you find that peculiar at least?

  9. Did you use the app with the thermometer daily, or did you just track it generally? Because the latter is definitely less effective

  10. she said to her friends she was scared i wouldn’t let her go party, but i never did such thing. I just don’t get it

  11. This is who he is. If you aren’t happy, break up. It was all a show. This will destroy your self esteem if you stay.

  12. Idk what's gone on in his past, but he's very naked to talk to without him taking something as an attack and just shutting down. Walking on eggshells isn't fun, but I know there's some deep issues there that i can't begin to fix. So I'm trying to be delicate. I have a good idea that if I try to explain how I'm feeling, it's going to be another “well let's just end this” or something equally dismissive to avoid conflict. But that's saying something in itself isn't it?

    I've thought about numbing cream or cock ring, but since it's a pretty recent issue, haven't gotten that far. He did use his fingers, but it's nude for me to climax from foreplay, always has been, and it's rare for me to ever find a partner willing to spend that much time trying. A lot of effort usually ends in failure, which no one likes, so i gave up on that idea a long time ago. ? Thank you very much for your suggestions.

  13. I am not and neither is he. In this topic, we are two fully consenting adults that can make decissions about our sex lives.

  14. I've seen it done before. ? The worst thing is, even though you were set up to view it (or at least be made aware of it), there's nothing you can really do. I hate people who play these kinds of games!

    It's possible that she was unintentional with it, but I am very conscious of what links up under what usernames. I think most people who are that on-line, so to speak, are.

  15. He works 3 days a week 8 hour days. I am practically at home all the time since I don’t have a job at the moment. Usually I’d go to school. As mentioned before, he doesn’t pay for anything house-related. Utilities aren’t included in the rent and there’s a fixed amount every month that has to be paid. Wifi is separate as well. He would prepare desserts and drinks, help me clean when I ask him, sweep and do laundry here and there. I do those things as well. I clean the kitchen before he makes dinner, I clean the kitchen after cooking. I fold laundry and change sheets regularly – stuff like that. We both don’t drive or own any property. I can’t think of any other things. He’ll make breakfast for us in the morning (coffee and boil eggs) and sandwiches for lunch. Hell get ingredients for meals here and there but so do I. Today he brought me a croissant and I thanked him. Perhaps you’re right, maybe he was upset at me for making him go after he was at work all day and I was at home. So many people are saying that I’m a doormat and he is using me which could be a possibility but I honestly don’t know what to think. I’m not a gem either – I don’t work and have my own resources at the moment. I offered him to start helping me with rent today (at least at bit), he said we should talk about it later. I will bring it up again for sure.

  16. All of the only children I know have super close friendships and huge friend groups. Biological siblings are not the only way to have close relationships- just something to keep in mind.

  17. Yeah possibly, I just don’t know how to go about doing that, I struggled with breakups in the past and didn’t know how to healthily move on, as I turned to just pushing it down and forcefully forgetting.


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