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  1. Women are more emotional because culturally women have been given permission to be emotional, where as men have not. Emotional is not inherently a bad thing, empathy and love are emotions. There are size differences in some brain regions between sexes, yes, but cultural influence plays a far larger role, according to research.

    Thinking women are crazy is antiquated, I’m not debating that with you. Your comments are a good example of why we need to be careful what messages reach the ears of young girls and I’m very sorry you’ve internalised these ideas, that seems exhausting. I mean that genuinely.

  2. Lol right? My dude is like “I do soooo much” meanwhile he’s just doing his half of the upkeep for the family.

    OP, that’s all crap that needs to get done in a home, you’re not doing anyone a favor by doing your part. Look up mental load, I bet your wife is carrying that for your household.

    u/eggiecat has great points, read them. Talk to your wife about what would make her feel appreciated and actually listen.

  3. “Hey Melissa, when are you free for coffee?”

    Who does this?

    Creepy guys do this. Guys who watch too many “alpha” male, be confident videos do this.

    The correct way to approach someone is:

    “Hi Melissa, how are you?” 9wait for answer) “I was wondering if you would you like to get some coffee with me sometime?”

    Not “hey”, not a loaded question. A real genuine question. You can say it with confidence, but you cannot say it like you already have a date.

    FFS we need some basic education on social skills in high school.

  4. She lied about everything she could get away with. When caught out in a lie she tried to cover it up with another lie.

    Time to assume the worst. It was just a guy or a couple of guys and she had planned to bang him before the plane even took off.

  5. Were there really no warning signs when you dated? This is not a good person, I don't think i could stay in the marriage. Document everything and get a good lawyer.

  6. if you've already talked w/ him about this and there's been no change, then there will never be change.


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