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Birth Date: 2002-04-23

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  1. Simple. You start by understanding that not every relationship is meant to go from A to Z….. This one got to C. This one key understanding will make moving on much easier.

    Mean person? Nah. Just not into coddling the wall of text whining.

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  3. I can't see where it would benefit your mom in any way to know. If she found out she may stop going there, which isn't in her best interest. Ignorance is bliss for her right now, and if this doesn't turn out to be a long term relationship it will not be worth mentioning.

    The other thing is that you should not be involving yourself in their private business. You don't want to be accused of running to your mom about your dad's romantic life.

  4. I know it's nude to process, but you are in fact dating a rapist. So yea, he did hide that from you until he felt like you wouldn't just leave him immediately after raping you. Which is exactly what is happening. You are defending your rapist

  5. Was he cheating on you with his ex and got you both pregnant at the same time? He shouldn't be having any contact with his ex that he was cheating with frankly

  6. Unfortunately not rage bait. Her “excuse” I guess we can call it is that she doesn’t see the difference between a girl friend or a guy friend and thinks both should be treated equally so if she can sleep over a girl’s house she should be able to sleep over a guy’s house.


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