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13 thoughts on “HornyGirl1473 online sex chats for YOU!

  1. no attachment to the woman posing in these pics

    So they're all of one women, all popping up on your timeline. Is this a friend of yours?

    I find it very hot to believe she went through everything on your twitter account in the few minutes you say she took to respond, she went straight to this. Why exactly?

  2. She changed to hook you, now she back to her oldself. Make decisions if you see your future like this, she ain't changing , male validation is more important than you.

  3. I am not saying the dna test was a bad idea, I am saying that there appears to be trust issues that are not healthy. Will he question again if they have another? Is she doing something that is causing him to have doubt in the relationship? These are things that healthy people address

  4. People often say that all feeling are valid.

    This is one of the examples I like to use to show that no, sometimes feelings are utterly garbage

    These are the same thing?

    Your feelings are valid because you truly believe them through experience and history. Denying how he feels would be invalidation.

    The merit of his feelings in regards to how it frames the relationship is up to the couple and depending on their affect on the relationship then it would be worth finding a professional to work through those feelings.

  5. Salvageable would be your understanding her needs are very common, and you aren't devouring any time to her so you either need to quit some of your activities and spend quality time with her, or use up your remaining energy and overload yourself by spending time with her.

    You're being selfish.

    Relationships need many things not only to grow and thrive, but even just to barely survive. It sounds like you're not putting in anything more than a roommate would

  6. How was it a stupid game though? I really loved this girl. I treat her as best as I can. Take care of her and try my best to give her the world. Now seeing this my whole world seems fake

  7. So you were sexing a guy for 8 months your ex didn't like when you were given license to smash others.

    Now you are surprised he found a different partner.

    I'm only surprised that you are surprised.

  8. Could your friend possibly have feelings for you? If you don't like her like that, I wouldn't go as it could be leading her on.

  9. Ehhh Im not sure about the middle class white thing, as my family is pretty mid class ig and we're definitely white lmfao. I think it's more of an entitlement/ need to feel special or something. But what a FWP to have, for sure. Lmfao

  10. This is a partner issue, not a friend issue. He is allowing his friends to be rude, childish, and disrespectful. The fact that these kind of people are his friends would be a red flag for me. He can bring his friends on board and make it clear that you are important to him and should be treated as such. OR. You can tell him to kick rocks.


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