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11 thoughts on “Hot-couple1 live sex chats for YOU!

  1. The fact he wasn’t courageous enough to be honest with you at a VERY important time to do so, tells you quite a bit about exactly who he is. That should be a deal breaker for you.

    Guys, be direct. Be truthful. If you like looking at pics, the only answer to your GF is inviting her to scroll with you. I’m a man. I’ve done exactly this and it has always turned out fine. It’s not a secret, she’s welcome into that part of who I am. If the GF can’t deal with it, then great to find that out now than lead some secret life.

  2. Well that was an unnecessary fucked up thing to say. I would tell him he deserves someone with a shitty personality to match his own then block him.

    With all the red flags surrounding his ex, this relationship was doomed from the start. Just leave now and find someone who treats more respectfully and finds you beautiful.

  3. “Sure, this sandwich may have some chunks of shit inside, but the cheese and deli meat are amazing! I can't understand why anyone would want me to stop eating it. They just don't get it.”

  4. He’s holding himself hostage in order to keep you. I’m sorry you have to deal with this, but you gotta get out of there.

  5. He’s controlling, that’s the pattern.

    Boundaries are rules for yourself. If you are setting rules for others then that’s control, not boundaries. You should have a boundary about being shamed like this. It’s not an okay way for anyone to treat you and I’d suggest leaving a situation entirely if he keeps crossing it.

  6. What does your lease say? 3 people only? You need to tell her that a 4th person isn't on the lease and rules need to be made.

    Be warned she just may not resign the lease, or she may want to add a person. You all need to talk and have boundaries!


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