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  1. This doesn’t sound like you’re giving the whole picture. If you want her never had any fights or arguments why would you then make a joke about her giving you evil eyes when she’s upset at you? That means there have been times in your relationship where she was dissatisfied with something. And more than likely that comment and you taking her anger so light heartedly probably was the final straw that made her peace out. If you are genuinely uncertain of what the issue is I bet if you actually reviewed your relationship, you would find out that there was plenty leading up to her walking away from you all along. That joke was not the first offense.

  2. No, bless you for this. I don’t think I have a mental diagnosis for thinking about these things and getting scared. I think you’re right, it just sucks and a fact of life most folks accept.

    It’s been hard because I think a lot of folks shit down when I discuss specifics fears like tearing or longterm medical complications. I get why they do. It’s easier sometimes not to think about it.

    I also have seen that most of my child free kids are lovely with kids. They all have valid and personal reasons for making that choice.

  3. Don’t do it. And if/when your gf says something about it when you get back – it would have been nice if you’d have proposed while in Italy – you tell her the truth: the sister’s boyfriend called dibs when he gave the heads up that he was gonna propose! You’re off the hook precisely BECAUSE the sister is getting HER proposal on the Italy trip instead and that’s HER engagement. You do NOT piggyback on other people’s engagements. It’s tacky and in poor taste. Your GF deserves her own proposal in her own time and she should look to her big sis for guideline on that: when you’re closer to 30 (ie 26/27 like big sis) is when you’re more likely to get engaged because you both have your life more together by then. Her pressuring you this way isn’t okay. Under no circumstances should you propose in the way she suggests either as she’ll expect it (ie in Italy) and the surprise and planning effort of a proposal is what makes a proposal great. You got a lot to think about mate.

  4. You stop expecting him to be able to read your mind and open your mouth and tell him what's wrong like the adult you are.

  5. Just meant that you don't like any sign that someone is stringing you along or jerking you around. And react quickly. Didn't mean it personally. Good that you set boundaries.


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