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  1. the idea that just because OP is the provider means that it’s totally okay for there to be an “agreement” over how his wife maintains her body is one of the most vile, misogynistic things I’ve heard in a long time. Also, we’re really taking OP’s word at face value that she provides absolutely nothing in their lives? This is a user who has been downvoting every comment that disagrees with him on his thread. Let’s not put blind trust in someone that immature.

  2. You're 33. My parents hated the person I was with when I was 17, due to differences in religion. ( he was non practicing catholic and my parents are some psycho version of Christians.) I hated the way they treated him, and cut them off and moved out when I was 18 and still in high school. If you truly care for the person you're with and you see a future with them, life without your parents gets really easy. And you're 33 so it's not like you're still in high school and need them to survive

  3. You have a Spontaneous desire and a high libido. She has a lower desire and a responsive or mixed sexual desire. Therefore discussion and compromise is needed. Maybe she can agree to initiate a fewvtimes a week, abd have sex twice a day once a week or so, you need to discuss this stuff l.

  4. Honestly, if you were together for 5+ years, only talked about marriage without really getting engaged, your relationship wasn't going anywhere anyway. If cheating hadn't ended it something else would have. End it now.

  5. Every relationship, regardless of how long it was when marriage was brought up, if I wasn't ready to commit or I just beat around the bush it was because I NEVER planned or wanted to marry this person. Its cowardly and unfair and I can admit this now. Six years is long enough to be sure, and I can tell you that if he isn't sure now he never will be, because he is sure, and he's lying to you

  6. I truly meant what I said about being a wonderful woman and I hope you succeed. Depression is a crippling disease and go onbeing there for him as long as you can but, and this is a big but, you have to take care of yourself. If you have to back away you can to keep yourself ok. Can you maybe save my user name and let me know if things work out? My depression started at 20 or so. Linda pushed me into in house therapy and then to a psychiatrist where I got prozac which was new at the time. I knew I needed drugs because both my parents were depressed. I went to 3 psychs and said how about drugs? First 2 said we'll talk then maybe so I moved on until the third, who was a terrible psych but I kept going because regular docs didn't prescribe pro at the time.It worked in the first 2 weeks. Took it for 6 mos and went off which was stupid and took it for a couple of years and haven't since. There are newer drugs and may work better for him. As long as your influence lasts encourage him to try new drugs and do some talking. It really sounds like the depression is talking for him, maybe pushing you away bet that he really has lost interest. No matter what you need to take care of yourself. As for Linda she died at 53 from breast cancer. She saved me and lost her own life. I still miss her.

  7. Lol you only see your daughter at best twice a month you I am glad your ex told your daughter she deserves a parent who won’t pick a random person over their own flesh and blood

  8. Omg I once had this happen to a guy and it was traumatic. Blood all over the place. I’m sorry to you and you’re boyfriend that you’re having to deal with this. I know how frustrating for both of you it can be

  9. i don’t think most of the people in the comments understand we agreed that we weren’t dating and never would be in a relationship. he said I was more of his sneaky link

    what i did was still fucked up and he didn’t deserve that. i think some people are thinking I did actually cheat on him though

  10. Was our break up premature?

    Unless one of you changed their mind in the meantime, no, and neither of you are probably gonna be changing your mind any time soon anyways.

    (Not) wanting to have kids is a big life decision, and generally not one you change your mind on


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