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  1. Id say go NC with her she isnt wrong she can sleep with who she wants, as a ex you dont really have a say in it, as for friend if he isnt used to drink its possible she took advantage of him being a lightweight? No offence to him just guessing from what youve said. But yeah with her if you think shes trying to spite you best bet just got NC with her and live your life

  2. Yeah, I did read that Grapes are no Bueno and that I should keep the peanut butter to a minimum. Feeding him snacks is really the only way I can show affection with him right now.

  3. Yeah. That is what I have done now. I got home to my parents, got most of my needed stuff while he was at work and I'm going to do some of the things that make me happy, while I heal. It's still all super confusing and scary, but I feel stronger. Actually… I don't know if this is normal. But I feel like I want to work out, work on myself and take back control of my life. (Yeah my mood changes are off the rails rn)


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