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  1. There's something very off about this guy.

    I could understand his initial reaction because you two are extremely young and haven't been together long at all. Having a baby in this situation really did not make sense for either of you. But everything after that and him continuing to call you the mother of his child after intensely pressuring you into an abortion is disturbing.

    I don't think you'll ever be able to have a healthy relationship with him without resenting him. Imagine you get pregnant again down the line when you are actually ready, would you be excited or would you have this fear in the back of your mind that he would abandon you again? Could you ever really trust him to be there for you?

  2. We need some more details here to actually give any helpful advice I think.

    I think overall women want emotionally available men. The idea that men don't cry is toxic.

    But it does seem like maybe you're doing something else weird. The one comment where someone gave solid advice about how it can be draining and off-putting to have to comfort someone else about your trauma seemed logical and not mean or catastrophic but your reply was to catastrophize the situation immediately going to well I guess I ruined everything then. Nowadays everything is disposable.

    Dude what?!?

    So first off did she have to comfort you? Did she have to put aside the hurt and trauma she feels about the situation and have to be the one comforting you about her own trauma?

    Because that sucks. Hard. And that is not an attractive quality in a partner.

    Secondly do you jump to these overblown assumptions often. It's very hot to say because this was just one comment but it made me recoil. This is something I would consider a huge red flag in a man I was dating. You have to tiptoe around people to make sure they don't overreact and make everything about them in a gross self pitying way. It's manipulative.

    Now to the cats. What exactly was the pretense in which these cats were adopted? Did you talk about adopting the cats together before? Did you pick them out together? Did you discuss who does what for the cats? And now that they are here how do you divide cat care duties?

  3. You did not withhold important information. You told him you like to read and you do! Who cares what it is? It’s what you like. That’s all that matters.

    He is not understandably angry. There is absolutely no reason for him to be angry. You did nothing wrong. He sounds stuck up.

    Romance is one of the largest genres of ALL TIME. Why? Because people enjoy it. It’s a genre of mostly women writing for mostly women readers and I’m tired of men crapping on it. You have no reason to be ashamed of what you like to read.

    You should also look up how many lawyers have turned indie romance authors. It’s a thing. Your bf’s head might explode to learn that not only do plenty of other lawyers read these books they gasp write them too.

  4. People get two or three strikes in my book, depending on the severity of the issue.

    Reddit likes to just have one. Makes things simpler I guess!! :/


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