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i am Kati – murmur., 31 y.o.


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i am Kati - murmur. live sex chat

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  1. thank you, i’m beginning to think that’s what i need to do. she’s also tried keeping me around saying i got her pregnant and during that time period she didn’t want to take a pregnancy test and i was confident she wasn’t but she’d insists just to later confirm she wasn’t bc she got her period. i can’t anymore. this is horrible

  2. First of all, I'm really sorry that you're going through depression. I can understand how tough and tumultuous it can get at times like these. Let me tell you something. I also broke up with my bf of a year (LDR as well), 2 years ago, due to mental health reasons. People saying depression is not a reason to break up probably don't understand how one's mind works under such circumstances.

    But here's the thing. I broke up because when I started my therapy for my mental health, he said it was fine but he'd have rather preferred if I dealt with it myself. Everytime I tried to discuss my mental health with him I'd get lectured instead of being heard. I realised he didn't even get my situation and I cannot blame him for that. Not everyone is equipped to deal with a depressed person and that's not on them.

    He didn't know how to be supportive. He tried in his own way, but it only backfired for me and I felt like I had to fake my happiness and stability inorder to be with him. Eventually, I was drained and realised I'd only be wasting his time and mine if I couldn't give what was required to the relationship and would end up resenting him for not being understanding enough. So I left. It wasn't capricious. It was thought of well over a period of time. We were happy only as long as everything was okay, we couldn't deal with the rocky part well, specially being in an LDR. Which is why I left. No regrets, no naked feelings. I focused on myself and I'd say that was the right decision I made for myself.

    Now I ask you, why did you decide to break up? Did you atleast talk to him about your depression? Did you communicate your feelings to him? If the answer is no and all he got was your sudden notice, then what he's doing is right. He's deeply hurt but he's respecting your decision and space. I suggest you do the same. It might be too late to go back now, so all you can do is move forward and work on yourself. I hope you get better soon.

  3. If there were any possible way to remedy this extremely common situation, someone, somewhere would have already figured it out, and they'd be a bazillionare, because they'd have no trouble marketing that shit to millions of desperate lovers who would pay nearly anything to bring back la passion.

    It's tragic, it really is. But I've never heard of any marriage where it came back, although there are probably one or miracles. I'm sorry.

  4. I’m glad you mentioned narcissism because I’ve been reading up on it a lot and watching videos. I asked a more general question in the narcissism group and was vilified and told I’m not qualified to say that about her but to me it feels like she ticks a lot of the boxes. I ended up deleting the question and figuring I must be wrong. My gut instinct tells me she is. Ty!

  5. Who cares what happens to this sick fuck though? You don't have to fix him.

    You need to report this and kick him out of the house.

    If you let someone like this off you're telling him it's okay to think about raping little children. And if you are a mother it's your duty to protect them NOT this POS.


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